This will be the secret of the iPhone 15 Pro without physical buttons so that they work without a battery

The launch of the iPhone 15 is scheduled for September of this year, and thanks to the constant rumors and leaks that have been taking place, we are quite clear much of the news that we can expect of this new generation of Apple.

In this sense, one of the most interesting changes and one that has been repeated the most over time is the supposed suppression of the physical buttons, a movement that has generated a lot of commotion not only because of the implications that this would have at the design level, that would allow a cleaner line, but also for all that it could represent at a functional level.

I explain it to you in a simple way. Removing the physical buttons forces the introduction of a type of buttons called “solid-state”, which in reality would be nothing more than tactile buttons. these buttons depend on a constant supply of energy for its correct operation, which means that, under normal conditions, when the smartphone is turned off or without battery, these buttons should not work.

Think, if you have any doubts, about what happens with the home button of the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus when these smartphones are turned off or without battery, that simply it doesn’t work and touching it gives us a totally “inert” feeling. Well, the same would apply to those new solid-state buttons on the iPhone 15 when it is turned off or without battery.

It is rumored that Apple will use a system similar to the one we saw in the touch start button, although with a particularity that matters to overcome the problems that the user may encounter if they turn off the smartphone or if it runs out of battery, and that is that these new buttons will be supported by a specialized processor with such low consumption that they will be able to work even when they run out of battery.

It is a very interesting approach that also makes a lot of sense, although we must remember that at the moment nothing is confirmed, so we will have to wait for the official presentation to see what approach Apple has finally adopted. With everything, the rumors around this concept of iPhone without buttons they are constant, and you already know that when the river sounds, water carries.

In principle, the jump to a design without buttons would be exclusive to iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models, which means that the standard and Plus models would keep the physical buttons. The good news is that these last two will represent an important evolution compared to the iPhone 14 thanks to the adoption of the Dynamic Island.

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