This will prevent Malwarebytes from connecting to your PC without permission

In addition to the typical security and antivirus programs, such as Windows Defender, there is another type of essential software to ensure that our PC is clean and safe: anti-malware. These programs are usually specialized in detecting threats that, in general, tend to go unnoticed by antivirus. They are programs designed to obtain a “second opinion” of the security of the PC, so they can work without problems together with other antivirus installed on the computer. Although there are many programs of this type, one of the best known is, of course, Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes is one of the anti-malware programs More popular. Thanks to it, we can be sure that our computer is always clean and that no threat has gone unnoticed by our main antivirus.

Times change, and it is increasingly difficult to maintain maximum security. For this reason, those responsible for security programs must constantly seek new ways to protect users from the main threats. Malwarebytes, with its new version 4.4.4, has taken a further step in terms of the protection of its users. And all this thanks to these new security measures.

What’s new and security enhancements in version 4.4.4

The first thing the hackers when they attack a computer is to identify the security measures installed and try to disable them. To prevent this from happening, the first of the novelties that the new version of this anti-malware brings us is a protection against alterations, or Tamper Protection. Thanks to this security measure, neither other people nor malware will be able to uninstall this anti-malware.

When trying to uninstall the program, it will be necessary to enter our user data, or the program license, to prevent the uninstallation from being carried out. In addition, we can activate tamper lock for any configuration changes, not just uninstallation. These options are within Settings> General.

Another novelty that we can find in this new version of the program is a new Remote Desktop protection shield. Due to the COVID pandemic, telecommuting has gained great popularity. And, as part of this popularity, cyber attacks through the most used tools when working from home have also grown a lot. And one of these is Windows Remote Desktop.

The new Malwarebytes 4.4.4 is now able to control this tool to protect us from one of the most common attacks: that of brute force. Through this type of attack, hackers try to connect to our PC and try to test keys, over and over again, until they find the real one. Once this new security measure is activated, the program will detect when one of these attacks is taking place and will automatically block it.

Of course also fixed various bugs and issues to improve the overall performance of the program.

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Users who already have this security program installed on their computer will automatically receive the new version through their corresponding download center. On the other hand, if we don’t have it installed yet, we can download it for free from the following link.

Unfortunately, these two security measures are not going to be available to everyone. Only users of Malwarebytes Premium they will be able to protect the program settings and activate the protection against alterations or the protection of the Remote Desktop protocol, RDP, on the PC.

Its “Premium” license is 3.33 euros per month, for 1 PC, or 6.67 euros per month for 5 PCs.

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