This would be a reissue of Windows 8 in 2023, the perfect design?

Most of the users use windows as an operating system on their computers and they are delighted, although this software also has many detractors. There are some concepts, as in this case, that Microsoft should take into account when developing its projects.

This is the case of this design based on the old Windows 8 Which most of you will probably remember. And it is that in the past year 2012 the software giant launched this version of the operating system on the market that was far from successful at first. One of the main objectives of Microsoft in this case it was to unify the experience on all devices, both desktop and mobile. However, the general public in most cases ended up rejecting this version.

Hence many remember Windows 8 as a dismal failure from Microsoft in a failed attempt to redefine the user experience. All this after the enormous success of Windows 7, a system that many still miss today. However, there are some who think that this operating system was simply ahead of its time. Hence, a well-known concept developer now shows us what Windows 8 would be like in full year 2023.

So that you get a better idea of ​​what we are talking about, we are going to show you a new concept designed by one of the best-known developers of this type of project, Kamer Kaan Avdan. We tell you this because in the past he has already shown us his own designs about updated versions of Windows 95, XP and Windows 7, among others.

This Windows 8 you would love right now

What’s more, he even showed us his idea for Windows 11 long before it was announced by the software giant. Recently he has also shown us his vision of what should be Windows 12. However, right now it has released a new project of its own in which it presents us with a more modern version of Windows 8. Obviously it is a version updated to 2023 to adapt to current technologies.

In fact, we are going to find a completely modernized operating system based on the old Windows 8. Here we are going to find elements both functional and belonging to its Interface that we would like them to reach the real version of the system. This is something quite common in the concepts that we have already been able to observe from this same designer in the past.

For example, we find some Live Tiles looking impressive, contrary to what happened in the original Windows 8. We would also have an innovative way to start our favorite games and the bar improves significantly. Likewise, we would have the possibility to adjust our windows to it or to create our own personalized collections. We can also access the clipboard from this same section.

Perhaps one of the most striking elements of this concept of Windows 8 2023 is the enormous customization capacity of the device itself. OS. We have multiple functions and features to adapt its interface to what we need in each case. There is no doubt that Microsoft should take a look and learn from some of these changes to apply to future versions of Windows.

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