This would be the new Sonos speakers that arrive in 2023

Sonos Five, new era of speakers rumor

After several years defining an overwhelming delicacy, at Sonos they have decided to turn the page and give life to a new generation of speakers. The manufacturer’s idea is to start from scratch with its range of loudspeakers, and for that it intends to launch what until now is known as It was 300 and it was 100the new speakers that will arrive in the coming months.

New Sonos, new Era

sonos voice assistant

From The Verge they exclusively report that Sonos is working on a new generation of speakers made up, for now, of two models that respond to the names of Era 300 and Era 100. Previously known as Optimo, the more advanced model of the two seeks to enter in spatial audio, a modality already integrated into Apple’s HomePod and that Sonos has been forced to cover.

To attack this technology, Sonos proposes a new symmetrical design with which to offer multidirectional audio. It is said that this Era 300 will offer the best sound experience that Sonos has ever offered, and will have a USB-C port, WiFi 6 and Bluetooth.

Sonos Era, image of The Verge

Aesthetically it looks like a smaller Sonos Five, with rounded lines and squeezing in the center, giving the impression that they are two speakers with their backs to each other and attached to each other. The image above is a render created by The Verge to represent the information they have received about it. It would be the most accurate image that exists so far of the speaker according to the information collected.

Don’t Forget Dolby Atmos

Sonos Roam

Another pending task that the brand had was that of Dolby Atmos sound. Aware of its absence, the new Sonos Era 100 will include this function (also the Era 300, which will be higher in range). The docking speaker might lack built-in microphones, so smart assistant features might not be available in this build.

The idea is that the entire portfolio of the brand is renewed, and those seem to be the first two steps: a simpler speaker to replace the mythical Sonos One and a more complete one that recalls the potential of the Sonos Play:3.

When can they be purchased?

At the moment the details are quite vague. The brand is expected to announce the new models in the coming months, so it will be a matter of time before these premium speakers hit stores. There is also talk of the launch of a new model of Sonos Move, the outdoor Bluetooth speaker that has been so popular among critics and that immediately surprises with its power and sound quality.

A new generation could offer more connectivity options and a design closer to the Era range, so we’ll see if they dare to launch it before or after the new generation of speakers.

Fountain: The Verge

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