This Xiaomi TV is almost free and you can connect it to your PC

When buying a monitor to use with our laptop or on our PC, we have to assess the use that we are going to give it. If the main use is focused on the world of first or third person shooter video games, we must opt ​​for 144 Hz models or higher. But, if we like other types of games where FPS are not essential or if we simply want to watch movies, we should consider the possibility of opting for a model that is as complete as possible.

In this sense, one of the best options, if we are looking for a good resolution and large size, and that also includes speakers, we should consider the possibility of buying one of the different television models that Xiaomi makes available to us models that, Currently, they have a 20% discount on Amazon and that we can perfectly use as a secondary or main monitor.

Xiaomi 55-inch television for 399 euros

The first models of televisions that Xiaomi launched in Spain left a lot to be desired and it was not a good option, not even as a television, much less as a monitor for a PC. However, the models that it launched last year were not an excellent option to consider. If we are looking for a monitor or television for our home, Xiami’s 55-inch model is currently available at a 20% discount, with a final price of only 399 eurosfalling from the usual 499 euros.

55-inch Xiaomi television

If we talk about the resolution of this monitor, we have 4K. In addition, it also includes support for HDR10, a function that not all 4K televisions and monitors on the market include. The design of this model presents minimal frames on the sides, includes support for AirPlay and includes the Prime Video and Netflix applications. In addition, it is compatible with Alexa voice commands.

It includes an HDMI 2.1 port, USB port, bluetooth and triple tuner. The 55-inch model has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 after receiving more than 1,500 reviews. It has dimensions of 1.23 meters x 30.97 cm x 77.79 cm and a total weight of 11.26 kg.

Other options

If 55 inches is too much, this same manufacturer also offers us two smaller models. On the one hand, it is found in the 43-inch model, a model that includes the same features as the 55-inch model and is also currently on sale with a 25% discount and a final price of 299 euros.

But, if 43 inches falls short and 55 is too large, we can opt for a middle ground, Xiaomi’s 50-inch model that shares the same features as the 55 and 43-inch models. This model is also available with an interesting 22% discount and is priced at 349 euro.

If the Xiaomi option does not quite convince us, we can choose to pay a little more and choose a Samsung model with the same features. This Samsung model with 5K resolution and 50 inches is priced at 369 euros after applying a 34% discount above its usual price.

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