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For better or worse, Windows is a very complex operating system. Microsoft configures it by default to offer a balance between usability and good performance, always, of course, making sure that it wins. That is why, over time, it is very easy for the PC to start to malfunction, cause problems, and even make our new pc look old. Luckily, it is very easy to prevent this from happening, and then we are going to leave you with several tips to literally make your computer fly.

Bloatware: the main problem of Windows

One of the main problems that we find in Windows is bloatware. This concept refers to programs that come installed by default in the operating system, either from Microsoft itself or from other company partners. In theory, they seek to improve the user experience by making the system much more useful out of the box, but in reality it is adware, which generates income and data for Microsoft, and does not paint anything on our PC.

Most of us tend to forget about this software, leaving it aside and installing the programs that really interest us. And this is one of the reasons why our computer is slow.

To avoid this, what we must do is locate and delete all this bloatware. And, although we can do it program by program, there is a very simple software that will allow us to do this: Bloatbox.

bloat box

This program, prepared for both Windows 10 and Windows 11, is in charge of analyzing all the programs and all the apps that are installed by default in the operating system, and displays them in the form of a list. We simply have to select all those apps that we don’t need (for example, the Edge browser or the Clipchamp video editor) and move them to the menu on the right.

Once we have the list with all the apps that we do not want to have on the PC, we click on the “Uninstall” button and that’s it. The program will take care of deleting them from the PC so that there is no trace of them. After a restart, this software will no longer be weighing down the PC, and we will notice that it works much better.

Other tips to speed up Windows

In addition to deleting all the bloatware, carelessness or ignorance of certain system configurations can also be causing our PC to run much slower than it should. Therefore, if we want Windows to always go fast, we must also carry out the following adjustments.

Remove programs from startup

There are many programs that, when we install them, configure themselves to open automatically when we turn on the PC. And this not only makes Windows take longer to boot, it also means more memory, and resources, wasted.

We can remove all the programs that we do not want to open at Windows startup from the Configuration menu itself. To do this, press the Windows + I keyboard shortcut, and go to the Applications> Start section. There we can see a list with all the apps that are configured to open when we turn on the PC, and we can deactivate all those that we don’t want.

Apps at startup in Windows 11

Background apps

There are many programs that are also consuming PC resources because they are configured to always run in the background. Even if we don’t open them ourselves, these apps will be constantly launching services and spending resources. And almost all of them are applications that do not interest us. For this reason, also from the system configuration, we must review all these applications, and deactivate those that we do not want to be constantly updated.

If we don’t use any UWP apps, we can simply turn off background apps completely, and then none of them will use resources without permission.

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