This YouTube channel builds luxury caravans with LEGO

Youtube is home to the strangest hobbies, from channels dedicated to teaching you in detail all kinds of toilets, to funeral home employees who solve all your doubts about … Well, you can imagine.

Another of the most curious is a channel called Luxurybricks, which combines two hobbies that one would not think they can live together: LEGOS and luxury caravans.

The world of Motorhomes lego facts

In Spain, motorhomes are designed to spend a couple of weeks on vacation somewhere, with the freedom to move wherever you want and save the hotel to sleep.

But in the United States everything is bigger. So there is a market for real mobile homes or motorhomes, where many live all year. They are sold as the ideal home for those who want freedom and adventure and no, they are not cheap at all.

So Luxurybricks, a North American user who defines himself as AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO), brings those huge luxury caravans to life in a much cheaper way. That seems like any curiosity, until you see that they are better equipped than most flats that are rented out there.

As strange as it is fascinating, Luxurybricks goes beyond the typical caravan And, with a LEGO, it builds you, from replicas inspired by real motorhomes, to real 12-wheelers with almost the same number of rooms.

To the zombie apocalypse in a LEGO caravan

The first video of the channel is not wasted, since it shows a caravan Luxury Expedition Camper what could I have done extra in Mad Max: Fury Road. And it is that Luxurybricks chooses a gray aesthetic that gives everything a certain military touch.

Is about an 8 × 8 (the 4 × 4 is for hobbyists) ideal for those who want to live without giving up anything in the next zombie holocaust.

Of course, the models are suitable for LEGO figures and in that they can “sleep” up to 7, depending on the youtuber. For that, he has an almost double bed, convertible sofas, two dining tables, TV sets, and security cameras, oven, stove, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer… and a soaring ceiling.

LEGO caravans

We’ve been waiting for cannons to start popping up everywhere at some point in the video, but you can’t have it all.

And the funny thing is, that’s nothing.

A double-decker bus and Will Smith’s mobile mansion

All vehicles have a level that we do not want to know what this man will build in Minecraft. Cabinet doors swing open, tables fold down and everything, inside and out, is reproduced in astonishing detail. You can even open the fuel tank cap.

But it is that, in addition, it is exceeded in each video. From a double-decker bus, with a trailer in case there is no room, to the newest star on the canal, a 12 wheeler truck / mansion.

Apparently, for the latter he has been inspired by the mobile homes that Will Smith or Simon Cowell (famous for being the judge bad on American Idol). We talk about a trailer has full kitchen, two baths, master bedroom and guests, as well as another upper floor.

It is hypnotic and we can assure you that it makes you want to buy one of those models for the real world and get lost there.

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