This YouTube channel transforms great games into hyper-realistic demos with Unreal 5

We are all clear that the next technological leap that is going to take place in the world of video games will come when the studios definitively embrace the new Unreal Engine 5 and old versions that do not offer the photorealistic results are left behind of the most recent, and for which the new generation consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series X | S are already prepared. Although before that happens, a YouTube user has decided to work on his account so that we can get an idea.

The most absolute realism arrives

It is possible that we have already said something like this on other occasions but in the case of Unreal Engine 5 it is very true, because at least the technical demos that have been seen so far, if they surprise gamers that we have already seen a lot around graphics for video games, is that fact is virtually indistinguishable from fiction. It happens as in the demo that you have above, is it really not possible to believe that we are in a train station in the middle of the morning?

The fact is that a YouTube channel called TeaserPlay has been offering his particular vision around some well-known games (and other invented) to which they have applied a layer of hyperrealism thanks to Unreal Engine 5. And as you can see, the result of the exterior, natural environments of this The Last of Us They are practically a carbon copy of reality. Such is the degree of density of vegetation and elements that appear on the screen that it is impossible not to doubt that it is an environment that we could have next to our house. (

In another way but very similar, it happens with this recreation of what could be a future Mafia IV. Although here realism is more difficult to perceive yes, all the aspects related to the weather, the lights, the environmental effects, the detailed modeling of vehicles, buildings or characters and some shots in which we perceive the morning light as if it were absolutely real. Now it remains to be seen if 2K Games will be encouraged to do something like this, with the skyrocketing cost of developing for these quality standards that an AAA product of these characteristics demands.

Even The Witcher goes to Unreal Engine 5

Although we leave you below the link to the YouTube channel where you have many more examples (some are not with Unreal Engine 5 but they are also very interesting), we want to highlight another concept about Witcher 4a game that was already officially announced by CD Project RED and that TeaserPlay has decided to work on its own version on its own.

In the video you can see, above all, some environments in the forest that are absolutely amazingdue to the degree of detail and realism that they convey, which can give an idea of ​​the level of quality that we face in this generation when the studios decide to exploit the full technological capacity of the new machines.

At the moment we are still waiting for great titles that make the leap to Unreal Engine 5 but while that moment arrives, nothing like opening mouth with such excellent works such as those carried out by Internet users such as TeaserPlay.

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