Thor: Love and Thunder, Christian Bale and Gorr in the photos from the set

The unstoppable paparazzi managed to take some photos a Christian Bale as Gorr, the Slaughterer of Gods, on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder.

Entirely colored gray and covered in a hood, Bale appears to be engaged in further filming for the film, which is taking place in Malibu, California.

Thor: Love and Thunder, here is Christian Bale in the role of Gorr

The Slaughterer of Gods has arrived! Not in theaters, because we will have to wait until May 2022 to see him fight Thor, but on the set of Love and Thunder, in what looks like his stage costume.

Christian Bale, who will play the villain in the fourth installment of Thor, was photographed on the set of the film, during filming that is taking place in Malibu. Fleeting shots that show Bale with prosthetics and totally colored in gray, exactly as his character is portrayed in the Marvel comics. The mystery is only linked to the fact that we do not know if elements in CGI will be added to make it more “alien” or if it will have a human appearance.

The film, according to the director Taika Waititi, will be the craziest I’ve ever made:

“Let it stay between us… I’ve done a lot of nonsense in my life. I have lived several lives. But this is the craziest movie I’ve ever made. If you have taken note of all the elements in this film, you should have realized that it will not make sense.

It will be very different from Ragnarok, much crazier. And I will tell you what will be fun: there will be more emotions, more love and more thunder. And much more Thor, if you have seen the photos from the set “

The words of Waititi they can create both curiosity and anticipation for the film and fear, given the precedents with Thor: Ragnarok and the welcome of the public, who at the release of the film was divided between those who were happy and those who were not satisfied with the excessive dose of comedy present in the film.

To find out what the fourth chapter of Thor’s adventures will be we will have to wait until May 6, 2022, the release date of the film in cinemas.

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