Threads Add Words Filter ‘Hidden Words’

Threads gets a new feature, Hidden Words mute filters, users can now mute specific words, phrases, or emojis across these sections.

Adam Mosseri as the head of Instagram has just announced that Threads, which is part of Instagram, has expanded by providing a series of new features for a comfortable user experience.

Threads, Instagram’s companion app for close-friends messaging, is rolling out a powerful new feature to combat offensive and unwanted content. Know as “Hidden Words,” the tool automatically filters out words, phrases, and emojis deemed potentially harmful or distracting.

The app provides default filters to catch common problematic terms, shielding you from unwanted content across your feed, search results, and more. But, you don’t have to settle for the presets. The ability to create your own custom word lists lets you tailor the filtering to your specific needs and preferences.

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This update expands on Instagram’s existing “Hidden Words” tool for direct messages, demonstrating the platform’s commitment to providing a more positive and customizable online environment for its users.

Threads Add Hidden Words Filter Feature
Threads Add ‘Hidden Words’ Filter Feature

How It Works

The “Hidden Words” feature leverages preset filters designed to catch common offensive terms, providing a protective layer across various areas of the Threads app. This filtering applies to your “Following” and “For You” feeds, search results, profiles, and even replies to your posts. Users have the choice to toggle the feature on or off at any time.

The greatest strength of “Hidden Words” lies in its customization. Beyond the default filters, users can create personalized word and phrase lists for the app to block. This offers tailored control over the content each user sees.

Building on Instagram’s Tools

This new feature builds upon Instagram’s existing “Hidden Words” tool, which primarily focused on direct messages.

The expansion to Threads reflects Meta’s broader commitment to provide users with greater control over their online experiences.

Prioritizing User Well-being

The addition of “Hidden Words” aims to improve user experience on Threads by reducing exposure to harmful, offensive, or irrelevant content.

The result is a more pleasant and personalized platform where users feel safer and more comfortable engaging.

The Hidden Words feature itself is presented as a form of user protection against various unwanted harassment. And this feature is available to all Threads users.

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How to Access “Hidden Words”

The “Hidden Words” feature is currently rolling out for both iOS and Android users. To activate and manage the feature:

  1. Navigate to your Threads settings.
  2. Select “Privacy.”
  3. Tap on “Hidden Words.”
  4. Toggle the feature to “On“.
  5. Use the “Manage Custom Words and Phrases” option to add your own specific terms.

A Positive Step Forward

The “Hidden Words” tool demonstrates Threads’ commitment to a positive and respectful environment for its growing user base. While no filter is perfect, this update empowers users to shape their own Threads experience. It’s likely a sign of further content customization options to come from the platform.

Note: Instagram head, Adam Mosseri, announced the “Hidden Words” feature in a recent Threads post. At this time, no further quotes about the feature are available.

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