Three affordable controllers in classic Xbox design for PC Play like a veteran!

If you are a veteran PC user, you surely remember the times when there was not, as such, a controller on PC that we could consider official, even standard. Microsoft, during the 90s, developed and put up a multitude of alternatives for sale, but none managed to become that benchmark, so we had to wait until the beginning of the century and the arrival of Xbox consoles.

Xbox 360, the original controller

It was thanks to the second generation of Microsoft consoles, Xbox 360, that those in Redmond began to develop a policy of hybrid peripherals that allowed us to use the console controls on our PCs. First connected thanks to the USB cables that they brought and secondly wirelessly through adapters that were sold separately. But it was in those moments that the A, B, Y, X, LB, LT, RB, RT, etc. buttons became popular.

So if you don’t have a gamepad at this point with which to play certain developments with your computer, let us recommend three models that, in addition to being cheap, offer a design that reminds of those early Xbox 360 gamepad that we were able to use at the time and that, although they are not as showy as the most recent Microsoft ones for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, they keep all their functionalities intact.

Three models to play now

As it is, here We leave you the three models that we have decided to select and that, for obvious reasons, are none of Microsoft. The first of them is from Diswoe and is connected by cable to the computer, which we practically recommend in all cases because it is the best way for the PC to detect it and respond when we are in the middle of the game. Add functions of force feedback (vibration) and if you still have an old Xbox 360 you can also use it with it.

The second is from the Gezimetie brand and also is a clone of the mythical original Microsoft design for Xbox 360. It offers an Xbox button, the same controls as the original design, it is also connected by cable to our computer and maintains the vibration functions that were already present in the original model 17 years ago. Its price, as in the case of the others, is a bargain in these times of controls at 70 euros.

The last one is an emotional tribute to the first controller that Microsoft launched together with Xbox 360 because, if you remember, the launch models had that characteristic off-white color. Then later, as the months went by, they already arrived in black, both the console and the controls. So this OSTENT Wired Gamepad is the one that will really transport you to those first years of the century in which Microsoft’s second machine coincided with the PC premiere of Steam, the Valve store that managed to rescue our computers from dying. because of the galloping piracy of those years.

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