Three curiosities about HP Instant Ink that will make your life easier

HP Instant Ink is an automated, at-home ink replenishment service. Those of you who read us daily are already aware of how it works, and you know that it offers different plans to optimally cover the needs of different user profiles, but there are some important details of this service that they are not appreciated if we stay on the surface.

For this reason, we wanted to share this article with you, where we are going to tell you three little “secrets” about HP Instant Ink that are quite curious and that, in addition, are designed to make your life easier. As always, if you have any questions you can leave it in the comments and we will be happy to help you solve it. Without further ado, let’s start.

HP Instant Ink cartridges are larger than regular cartridges

In fact, this is one of the things that most often shocks users when they receive their first pack of cartridges. I remember that a friend who started using this service on my recommendation wrote me a message when she received the first pack of cartridges from her because believed, due to the size difference, that the wrong cartridges had been sent to himand were not compatible with your printer.

I had to explain to him what was going on, and why HP Instant Ink had sent him such large cartridges. The main reason is very simple, the cartridges are bigger because contain a larger amount of inkand thanks to it:

  • It is possible to print more pages per cartridge.
  • By printing more pages per cartridge, it will take longer to run out.
  • This means greater comfort for you, that you will have to do fewer cartridge replacements.
  • It’s also good for the planet, reducing the number of cartridges you have to make to print a given number of pages, thereby minimizing resource consumption and shipping.

The cartridges used by HP Instant Ink are larger, but are fully compatible with your printer, so don’t worry.

HP Instant Ink

You can upgrade to a higher plan with instant effects

You already know that, with HP Instant Ink, you do not assume any commitment, you can change your plan at any time, both up and down. With this operating model, this service achieves something very important for any user: to offer a high degree of flexibility and versatilityand easily adapt to the needs of almost any user profile.

If you had to accept a commitment to stay on a fixed plan for a certain period of time, you would end up having problems if your needs change significantly with relative frequency. Think, for example, what would happen if you signed up for the 50 pages per month plan, but your printing needs skyrocketed and you couldn’t switch plans. You would have to consume many additional page packs, and this in the end would not be good for you.

With HP Instant Ink you don’t have that problem, you can change plans whenever you want, and as many times as you want, both up and down. But this is not all, if you decide to change your plan upwards you can make this change have immediate effects. This means that you won’t have to wait until next month for the new plan to take effect.

Being able to change plans with instant effects is especially useful, since if you find yourself with a large peak of work you will be able to deal with it in the most efficient way possible, and keeping printing costs very low, thanks to HP Instant Ink. Continuing with the example above, you could instantly upgrade to a higher plan and expand your available pages without resorting to additional page packs.

With HP Instant Ink printing in color will cost you the same as printing in black and white

It is one of the most important advantages that HP Instant Ink offers. This service makes the problem of ink disappear completely, not only in everything related to the control of ink levels and the acquisition of new cartridges, tasks that will be carried out by your printer and HP, but also You won’t have to worry about ink consumption either.. You can print as you want, without paying more for it.

To understand it better, a simple example is enough. If you print a color page using traditional cartridges, you will consume a lot of ink and that printing will have had a very high cost. With HP Instant Ink, ink consumption doesn’t count. Only the pages you print matterso a high-coverage, high-quality color page costs the same as a plain black-and-white text document.

Thanks to this billing model based on printed pages and not on ink consumed, you can print as much as you want without fear of running out of ink, and without having to spend a lot of money all at once to buy a new pack of cartridges. You will only pay your monthly fee, and as you know there are plans available from 0.99 euros.

Printing with professional quality has never been so affordable, convenient and easy. Remember that you can try HP Instant Ink without any commitment, and that you can stay as long as you want. You are in control at all times, and you can unsubscribe whenever you want online, instantly and without having to explain.

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