Three Excel tricks that save you 2 hours of work

As with the Microsoft text editor, Word, for example, the spreadsheet program Excel is one of the most widely used in the world. It is an application that is part of the popular Microsoft Office Suite and that allows us to work mainly with numerical data.

It is worth mentioning that the software as such puts at our disposal a huge number of integrated functions and features to improve the user experience. Likewise, we will be able to carry out all kinds of calculation-related work here, both at the end-user and business level. In fact, we can say that thanks to Excel we can take our home accounting, or even that of a large company. Everything will depend on the knowledge we have of the program or how much we want to delve into its operation.

Also, the experience with this interesting application will give us the opportunity to take advantage of certain functions to save a huge amount of time in our work. If we use Excel at a professional level, there are certain features and modes of use that will allow us to be more productive and save time and effort. Next, we are going to talk about three tricks that will allow you not to waste hours at work and be able to use them in other tasks. In addition, for all this it will not be necessary for us to be experts in the Microsoft spreadsheet program.

Take advantage of templates

Generally when we are going to design a new spreadsheet with its corresponding numerical data and formulasWe do it from scratch. But only with this design we can charge hours, depending on the type of project we work on. However, we must keep in mind that Microsoft makes a good number of templates available to us that will help us save a huge amount of time. We can find these as soon as we start Excel or even download others from third parties on the Internet.

These templates to which we refer offer predefined designs for all types of projects and types of work that we can carry out in the program. So we will only have to start customizing and entering our data from the first minute.

Create custom graphs from the data

On many occasions in this program we find spreadsheets filled with an enormous amount of numerical data. In fact, understanding all of this can sometimes take us much longer than expected. Not to mention if we need to clearly and concisely expose all those numbers to others. Therefore, the use of graphs in Excel will allow us to be much more productive in the program and add a very attractive plus to our projects here.

In this way we achieve that, what at first are spreadsheets that are practically incomprehensible in Excel, become works much easier to understand.

Extract and update data from the Internet in Excel

Another section that we should keep in mind is that Excel allows us to extract information directly from the Internet. All this allows us to automatically update certain data. Here we refer, for example, to stock values, statistics, sports results, etc. As you can imagine this will save us a good number of hours. To do this, we only have to go to the menu option Data / Get data / From other sources / From the web.

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