Three manufacturers team up to create infinitely recyclable cosmetic packaging

Packaging manufacturers Eviosys, Grown.Bio and Verescence come together to manufacture cosmetic packaging made 100% with materials that can be recycled multiple times favoring sustainability.

‘The 4 Rs’ of sustainability, reduce, reuse, recycle and recover, are increasingly penetrating the consciences of consumers who are changing their buying habits towards products that contribute to an environmental improvement.

In order to respond to this upward trend, three manufacturers from the world of packaging have come together to innovate and create a 100% recyclable and reusable cosmetic packaging.

The extensive experience of Eviosys, Grown.Bio Y Verescence In the field of packaging, this collaboration will result in the design of sustainable cosmetic packaging, including 100% recyclable and refillable glass jars, a fully compostable insert made from material derived from fungi, as well as a reusable can. made from a material that can be recycled over and over again.

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With this series of products, the three manufacturers seek to guarantee sustainability infinitely, advancing to what they trust to mark the future of cosmetic packaging.

Likewise, with them they respond to the growing demand for customization and the desire of consumers to find products tailored to their needs while being respectful with the environment and the planet.

According to the three manufacturers, the design of these proposals meets five key objectives: reject, rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle.

They will also have a gift kit that will include 100% recyclable and reusable glass bottles, packaging inserts mushroom negative on carbon, and the metal can of endless 100% recyclable materials.

Cosmetic packaging for sustainability

Each of the three companies has been in charge of a part of the manufacturing. Thus, the metal packaging firm Eviosys, has supplied the outer metal packaging adapting it for its perfect operation with the insertion of mushroom and Verescence glass products. In this way, metal cans made from recycled metal can be stored and reused for decades for multiple domestic uses and, at the end of its useful life, 100% of the material in the can can be recycled to form a new metal material while maintaining all its properties. .

For Laetitia Durafour, Marketing Director of Eviosys, “While adding greater value to cosmetic brands with high-quality printed packaging, we always look for sustainable alternatives to protect the products contained in our metal cans, which is why Verescence and Grown.Bio were undisputed partners to undertake this adventure ».

In this line, the person in charge highlights the experience of the three companies, pioneers in sustainability to adapt Cosmetic products traditional and make them more ecological, something noticeable in this pack.

Without a doubt, this proposal is a clear advance compared to other cosmetic gift pack manufacturers that often use plastic or paper inserts that are not sustainable for an infinite time.

However, Grown.Bio’s mushroom packaging, made of mycelium, the structure of the roots of mushrooms, allows it to be used for other purposes, or to crumble and mix it with soil to re-nourish it.

In the opinion of Jan Berbee, one of the founders of Grown.Bio, this product is the result of his commitment to create sustainable and circular protective packaging using natural, regenerative and waste materials. “Our mushroom packages have the same performance and longevity as non-regenerative options, but can biodegrade in a homemade flower bed or compost, making them part of the biological cycle.”, explains Berbee, for whom “This gift pack is established as a benchmark in the reuse of products and, therefore, we are proud to supply the insert”.

All these possibilities will be in the new CARA range from Verescence, which has ecological solutions for luxury glass bottles that incorporates a new standard screw neck for your perfume, so that the bottle can be refilled, as well as other small size bottles for perfume and premium makeup.

All of them manufactured with 20% PCR, that is, glass from the local collection of household waste. In the words of Bérangère Raguenet, Marketing & Communication Director of Verescence, “Since glass is infinitely recyclable, we wanted to create an eco-responsible gift set to promote our CARA standard range in line with the expectations of luxury brands”.

With this, the three firms also trust that this proposal will also serve as inspiration for other brands when it comes to advancing the sustainability of cosmetic packaging.

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