Three months of free Spotify Premium with TikTok, how?

TikTok gives you music for the whole summer

TikTok is the platform for short videos par excellence and Spotify is the most popular and used music streaming service of all currently available. So it is not surprising that both have come together to benefit each other. How? Well, creating a joint promotion with which everyone will obtain an increase in users to a greater or lesser extent. And in the case of the music boys, some of them will already remain as paying subscribers.

The promotion consists of giving away three months of free music on Spotify Premium, but to get it you will also have to be a TikTok user. But don’t worry because doing so will involve having to record any video and upload it to the platform, it will be enough to start it and get a code that will be the one you exchange for the three free months of Spotify Premium.

How to get 3 months of Spotify Premium with Tiktok

To achieve this, as we say, you will only have to open the application and look for the promotional code, something as simple as we tell you below. Of course, first of all you have to know that it only applies to those Profiles who have not tried the Spotify Premium option previously. If you did it taking advantage of any other similar promotion, you will not be able to opt for this one. If this is not the case and it is suitable, the steps are:

  1. Open the TikTok app and log in
  2. Now go to your profile and an icon that gives access to the promotion itself should appear on the top bar
  3. If you give it, the offer will appear
  4. Scroll until you reach almost the end of it
  5. There you will find a code that you can copy or a direct button that will take you to the web to redeem it
  6. Now, log in with your Spotify account and use that code
  7. You will have to enter your billing information, but no type of payment will be made until the test time passes
  8. Once the four months are over, the monthly payment will be 9.99 euros
  9. You can cancel at any time

Ready, as you can see, it is as simple as on other occasions. If you want you can also get said code for promotion through the web version of TikTok, although some users have had problems. Therefore, the recommendation is to use the mobile app. Also, once you have those free months, you can use the service on any other device. For example, on your laptop or even enjoy Spotify on your smart speaker.

How long the promotion lasts


The promotion of Spotify Premium for three months with TikTok it is limited in time. It started on July 12 and it will end next July 25. So you have a finite time to take advantage of it. Always remembering again that you have never had to be a Spotify Premium user before. On the bad side, if you have been, you could always create a new account in the service and although you will not be able to take your playlists in case of shortlists, favorites, etc., you would save 30 euros for three months of music no ads.

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