Three PDF forms that you can make with OnlyOffice

Without a doubt, this is one of the best free alternatives to Microsoft’s Office package, offering the same functions, as well as an intuitive and friendly interface. And for this reason we want to explain how to get the most out of this program by creating different fillable PDF forms with OnlyOffice.

Advantages of creating free PDF forms with OnlyOffice

As we told you, Only Office is free, so you can download this package of office tools without having to pay anything. And seeing the possibilities it offers, it is well worth trying this suite.

And it is that you may need to make PDF forms for many reasons. Whether it’s because you have a business and you need to do opinion surveys or for any other reason, the possibilities offered by OnlyOffice will more than meet your expectations. The best of all? For this, you can use the OnlyOffice program or create PDF forms online using tools like OnlyOffice or OnlyOffice Personal. Or even use one of the models available in the complete library of free forms in Spanish that OnlyOffice offers.

In addition, you will be able to print them to give them to your clients, or you can easily create a fillable PDF to send it by mail. Let’s look at three perfect examples of it. We also invite you to go through the complete form editor that OnlyOffice has to see its customizable templates.

How to create an opinion poll

Let’s start by creating an opinion poll. As you can see, the process is very simple. The first thing we will do is open OnlyOffice and, in the left column, Select the Form Template option.


You will see that a new document is opened so that you can create your opinion form in a totally personalized way.


As you can see, we have created a title that is “Opinion survey on the operation of OnlyOffice”. You will see that, when opening the form for the first time, the options to edit the text format do not appear. The reason is that in the carousel of options at the top, you start in the Forms tab, where you will find all the customization options. You will only have to click on Start and you will see that you can now edit the format to your liking.

Once you have done so, you must return to the Forms tab and click on “Option button”. An icon like the one you see below the phrase “Have you learned how to do an opinion poll without major problems?” will appear. All you have to do is press the right arrow on your keyboard to start typing and repeat the process as many times as you need.

If you have followed the steps, you will have created a form similar to the one you see on these lines.

Finally, you will only have to click on File, Save as and select PDF file. You can print this PDF or send it by mail since it is a PDF editable.

How to create a customer feedback survey

Creating a feedback survey with OnlyOffice is very simple, and the truth is that the process is very similar to the previous one. But we are going to show you a couple of different details that you can add within the full range of options offered by the best alternative to Microsoft Office.

In the example that heads these lines, we have used another tool that allows add editable text to the form. Very useful if you want to know what products are doing the evaluation survey.

When you first press this button, all you have to do is add the editable text you want to appear. For example, we have put “Indicate which products have been purchased”.

You can fill in the rest of the form with the questions that you consider appropriate and using the button that we have indicated in the first example and these fillable lines of text.

Also, if you click on the editable text boxyou will see that a new menu opens on the right that allows you to limit the maximum number of characters, field size and other customization options.

Without a doubt, a very simple way to carry out an assessment survey to find out what your customers think of your business.

How to create a voting PDF

Finally, we are going to give you another example of the uses offered by OnlyOffice creating some votes for a community of neighbors. In this case, we will follow the same procedure as in previous situations, but we will also show you another interesting element to offer a different aspect.

As you can see in this last example, we have used, on the one hand, the editable text option to be able to identify each tenant. And, on the other hand, we believe that a box-type button is better aesthetically, so we have used a different option so that each neighbor can indicate the vote for it.

The process is the same in all three cases, since you only have to save the file as a PDF when you have finished and send it to whoever you want. A very simple process thanks to OnlyOffice, so don’t hesitate to try this complete free office tool

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