three programs to calibrate it in seconds

When we change the battery of our old laptop or buy a new one, the battery measurement system that analyzes its capacity at all times works perfectly and varies depending on the use and intensity of work that the processor is supporting. But over time, as charge cycles are completed, the battery Is losing little by little its initial capacity and Windows is not able to correctly analyze the remaining available capacity, so we can find that our equipment suddenly turns off, although the battery indicator affirms that it was not yet the time to put to load the equipment.

The solution to this problem, the same one that we can also find using mobile devices, goes through calibrate battery of the equipment so that both the battery and Windows are able to become friends again and work hand in hand and avoid erroneous readings that can cause us the odd serious problem. Windows does not include any application that allows us to calibrate the battery, so to carry out this process, we must use one of the three applications that we show you below.

The first thing that we must take into account before anything else is that, in most cases, the applications that the manufacturer of our laptop includes pre-installed are absolutely useless, so it should not surprise us that we cannot obtain any positive results for calibrate or know the status of the battery. Another aspect that we must take into account is that, if the battery has many charging cycleseven if we calibrate it, it will never work as before and it is possible that our equipment turns off at the least unexpected moment.


BatteryCare includes makes use of an advanced algorithm that correctly registers when the battery is charged and discharged, completing the cycles correctly and will notify us when it is necessary to perform a complete discharge in order to optimize performance, as much as possible of the battery in order to ensure that Windows correctly interprets the battery levels and we do not stay stranded for no apparent reason. BatteryCare is a totally free application that is also in Spanish and we can download it from its website.


Thanks to this application, we can find out in real time the status of our equipment’s battery, along with the name of the manufacturer, the serial number, the current capacity, the voltage and when we should perform a complete discharge of the battery to optimize its functioning. In addition, it also allows us to establish a notification of the battery capacity in real time, notification that is updated every 30 seconds, so we will always know its capacity at all times and get an idea of ​​the time we have left. Downloading this application is totally free from here.


BatteryMon is another of the applications that we can use to optimize battery operation so that Windows knows how to correctly read the signals that come from it at all times. In addition, it also allows us to know the internal state of the cells through graphic statistics, record the performance of the battery, check the critical discharge point and much more. Downloading this application is free through its website.

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