Three reasons to upgrade your Evercade to the new EXP

In recent years, a huge number of devices focused on allowing us to emulate the old consoles and microcomputers of 20, 30 and even 40 years ago have proliferated. Rare is the month of the year in which We don’t have any news with new models coming (almost always) from China, Although in this case we are going to talk about Evercade, an experiment that arrived a little over two years ago now and that renews its flagship device with more and better features.

Paid and quality emulation

When we talk about devices that allow us to enjoy retro video games, we are referring to machines capable of moving emulators and ROMs without problems but they need the user to be on top of them configuring practically everything: game installation directories, BIOS if there are any, resolutions, refresh rates, filters and a huge number of parameters that sometimes drive us crazy.

Well, in the case of Evercade that disappears because uses a classic game cartridge distribution system that agglutinates in packages very careful and worked that correspond to machines (Atari Lynx, Intellivision, etc.), characters (Dizzy, etc.) or companies (Jaleco, Irem, Capcom, Namco, etc.) that hide a good part of those names inside that have shaped the history of video games over the last four decades.

The point is that in 2020 the first Evercade arrived in stores, with a very retro design and very good sales results for being aimed at such a specific niche of players, so things have gone so well that Blaze has now developed the EXP model. And do you know what three reasons are going to force you to buy it?

Three reasons to buy Evercade EXP

First of all we leave you with the announcement trailer, which is the one that explains above the changes although we are going to specifically highlight three that seem to us essential to decide to make the leap to this new generation that will hit stores (if no other setback occurs) on December 15, 2022.

And they are:

  • Better screen, which goes from the 480 × 272 pixels of the LCD panel of the 2020 model to another 4.3-inch IPS 800 × 480. Not only do we gain in resolution, but the manufacturer also warns us that the viewing angles of the screen are much greater on this EXP model than on the original. So we will gain in comfort when playing.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: And you will ask yourself, why does an Evercade want a wireless connection if all the games sold are in cartridge format? Well, the firmware updates are a good excuse, since with the original model we needed to have to connect it to a computer to carry out the process.
  • And finally we come to the GREAT reason to acquire this new model: the screen vertically. The new Evercade EXP incorporates the possibility of rotating the screen 90 degrees to enjoy the classic shooters with that orientation (or the Pac Man), which makes it unbearably necessary for many retro fans.

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