Three SSDs with offers at minimum price: Crucial, Samsung and WD

We could not miss this opportunity to offer you these offers, because they all represent the lowest price at which these three SSDs have been. In addition, they are three recognized brands with products that have a good reputation among professionals and enthusiasts, so they are a safe purchase. We talk about Crucial MX500 1TB, Samsung 980 PRO 1TB, and WD Blue 3D 500GB M.2 SATA. Three Solid State Drives, Three Deals!

These are one of those offers that even if you don’t need the product… Surely you are tempted to buy it, because the price is so good that we may not see it again in those terms. The three SSDs represent safe values, the price is the best they have had since they came on the market, why not?

Crucial MX500 1TB

There are too many words and more units are missing in the cart, as simple as that. It is possibly the most complete 2.5″ SATA SSD in history. Durability, speed, price, warranty and also with the best Micron 3D NAND Flash.

Do you need anything else? Well, Crucial will give you Acronis True Image HD to make backup copies, which will be done at the maximum speed allowed by the standard with 560MB/s sequential reading and 510MB/s sequential writing. Lastly, we will have 256-bit AES hardware encryption to encrypt our data. Now we can get this 1TB SSD for 28% off for just €85.80 from 118.57 euros to which it was.

Samsung 980PRO 1TB


Is it possibly the best SSD on the market? It could be perfectly. Samsung has always had TOP solid state drives that if they have not been the best they have fought for the crown and logically this 980 PRO 1 TB was not going to be less. With speeds up to 7,000MB/s in sequential reading and 5,000MB/s in sequential writing it is not that it is the best on paper in these terms.

But when we see the performance in IOPS… Everything changes. Get 1,000,000 IOPS both in sequential reading and writing and in 4K QD1 it goes up to 22,000 IOPS in reading and 60,000 IOPS in writing. A brutal performance that is partly based on its MLC NAND Flash, its Elpis controller and of course its 1 GB LPDDR4 Cache Memory.

It falls 17% from 225.99 to stand at 188 euros.

WD Blue 3D M.2 SATA 500GB


Here the least documented have to be careful, because we are talking about the version in M.2 format and not the traditional 2.5 for SATA SSDs. Therefore the performance is limited to the maximum bandwidth and we also have to check that our motherboard supports an M.2 SATA port for this SSD.

This solid state drive has the peculiarity that it will be discontinued from the market and for now there will be no replacement, with the curiosity that it is the only one within the entire series that will not be available soon, with WD keeping even the version 250 GB, which is curious.

Hence the liquidation price that it currently has and that obviously will only be available until stock lasts. The benefits are obviously the best: 550MB/s of reading and 525MB/s of sequential writing, all for a price of €34.99 after falling 42%.

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