Three tips to prevent your PC motherboard from breaking

Despite the obsolescence programmed in a computer begins with its motherboard and although some manufacturers are very intelligent to go through the box again from time to time, there are phenomena that can damage our motherboard that are not inevitable and that, therefore, we can give a solution and these are much simpler than you can imagine, since they will not cost you money, just time and perform the proper maintenance.

We have therefore compiled the most common problems that usually damage the motherboard and that can be avoided by the user himself, and, therefore, they are not programmed obsolescence from the manufacturer of the same, but rather due to a lack of optimal maintenance.

Short circuits on the motherboard

Short circuits are much more frequent than we think and in this case we cannot blame the manufacturers, but we are the users who by misusing it we end up causing this problem. What are the causes? If we are fond of assembling and disassembling components inside our equipment, one of the greatest dangers is the screws that fall off during assembly, which if they fall on a chip on the motherboard will cause a short circuit, in the same way as any another metallic object.

Although, due to the vertical arrangement of the base plate, we can assume that it is impossible for a screw to remain placed on it, but we must bear in mind that the base plate is not a completely flat surface. If it is not, a loose screw can be deposited against any component of the motherboard and generate the short circuit. Let’s not forget that hardware updates can also be made on a laptop and in that case the board is in a horizontal arrangement.

That is why we suggest that to avoid these problems, we suggest that, before closing the box, check that there are no loose screws or other metal objects inside the box. We know that many times there is anxiety to try a new component, however, take the opportunity to leave your motherboard clean or it may be damaged.

Power surges

Voltage rise motherboard spoil

Another enemy of motherboards are power surges in our power grid. If we have a poor quality power supply, and the electrical current network where we live is not very good, it is very possible that, in the event of a power surge, our motherboard will be damaged. Unfortunately, many pre-built computers in order to offer low prices end up saving on a quality power supply.

Our recommendation is that if you have a poor quality power supply that does not have protection against power surges, before the motherboard can break down, we recommend you buy a PSU with support for power surges. Believe us that in time you will thank us for this recommendation.

In the event that you live in an area where the voltage changes are constant and we want a higher level of security, then we can opt for a UPS with regulation of the line output voltage. This type of UPS is shaped like a traditional power strip, but incorporates an internal battery and a voltage corrector. They have the advantage that we can connect several of our electronic components to it, the security of which we want to preserve.

Dirty ventilation holes

portable dust slot

If you want a reason why not to buy a laptop or an AIO desktop that cannot be opened, here we will give you the solution. It is not only about being able to expand elements such as memory or install an NVMe SSD, but also clean it inside to prevent dust from obstructing the air outlet and keep the heat inside the motherboard. Let’s not forget that this is the great enemy of electronic components, an excess of temperature inside a laptop can damage the motherboard by deforming it.

The fact that a plaque be deformed by the heat is disastrous, since this not only breaks the copper rails for communication and power between components, it can also destroy the pins of the components soldered to the board and ship the entire AIO desktop or laptop motherboard to the fret. The consequences of this problem are dire and will result in throwing the entire computer in the trash (unless we find another one of second hand, of course) and having to buy a new one.

Therefore, it is essential to keep the ventilation grills of our laptop very clean to ensure its long life. Therefore, we recommend that you periodically open it to clean it with a compressed air spray and a dust cloth. Regardless of whether you use a laptop, a tower desktop or an AIO, we recommend that you keep the place where you play with the PC as clean as possible. It is important to prevent unwanted objects from falling into it.

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