Three Trends That Will Help Small Businesses Succeed Online in 2022

With the arrival of a new year, a large number of news, challenges and planning. Small Spanish companies have undergone a digital transformation that has come to mark a before and after in the way they sell and engage with customers. In fact, according to GoDaddy 2021 Digitalization Observatory: Study on the Digital Maturity of Micro-businesses in Spain and Europe”, More than 70% of small Spanish companies already have a website or social media presence.

The digitization of small businesses has been essential for their survival in a world as competitive as it has been this year: 73% of Spanish small businesses surveyed affirm that they currently use online sales channels, according to the GoDaddy Observatory Survey. GoDaddy, a company that empowers entrepreneurs in their day-to-day lives, wants to highlight the trends that small businesses must consider to succeed in the year 2022:

  • Digital marketing as the main strategy: In Spain, small Spanish companies are increasingly aware of the importance of digital marketing and in 2022 it will be more relevant than ever: according to the GoDaddy Observatory, 55% of entrepreneurs say they have implemented in their business digital strategies and 24% responded that they planned to do so before the end of this year. Thus, it is important to highlight what are the main steps to do so. The first key is to define the objectives that you want to achieve. They have to be realistic. On the other hand, it may be useful to carry out a study of potential customers to find out where to direct this strategy, something that Spanish entrepreneurs are increasingly taking into account: 29% of them reported that they already obtain direct opinions from customers, 26% analyze their profile with direct observation and 22% do so through social networks. Also, examining the competition is another of the fundamental pillars, to help you know what you will have to scale when you start your business. And finally, it must be clear what the value proposition is, that is, what differentiates the company from its competitors and what is the personality of the brand that will make customers choose the company. That’s why its also very important to have someone like that can help you in your journey to the top with your company and brand and help you bridge the knowledge, process and funding gaps in your business
  • A differentiated web content: Starting next year, a small business website will need, even more than today, to differentiate its content in both the type of information it shares and the quality of it. To help them stand out, one of the keys is to include attractive and instructive content that showcases your business and your brand in a coordinated way across all your online channels and platforms. Content marketing is vital when it comes to connecting with customers and can help improve business bottom line. So much so that, according to the GoDaddy survey, 60% of small Spanish companies have already set themselves a challenge for 2021 to better position themselves in search engine results through SEO tools. Also, to optimize this aspect, it is essential to have your own channels such as a blog on your website. In fact, 23% of small Spanish companies surveyed say they plan to implement one this year, along with a YouTube channel or social media presence. In this way, you can have full control over the content created by the brand, so that they are the first messages that reach future customers.
  • Social Networks can be the main platform to publicize the brand and attract customers: advertising on social networks is becoming more and more important and small ecommerce companies are going to take more and more advantage of this way of reaching their potential customers to sell their products and services. According to the GoDaddy survey, in 2021 65% of small Spanish businesses already have a presence on Instagram, 54% on WhatsApp, 27% on YouTube, 80% on Facebook and 31% on Twitter If, in addition, it is taken into account that, in the first quarter of 2021, there was an increase in users of social networks worldwide of more than 3%, with more than 4,300 million people already using these platforms, according to the 2021 Digital Report data by Hootsuite and We Are Social… This provides insight into what the impact of developing an effective social media marketing strategy can be for a small business. However, it is important to be clear about the type of audience of each platform that you want to reach, and with the appropriate messages. In this way, it will be possible to reach a greater number of target consumers who may be interested in your small business.

“With this new year about to begin, an opportunity arises to focus on new ways to help grow an online business with the use of digital marketing, engaging content and the use of social platforms. GoDaddy offers an integrated set of online tools to help Spanish small business owners and entrepreneurs create, manage and sell online, all designed to help them stand out from the competition », it states Gianluca Stamerra, GoDaddy’s Senior Director Southern Europe.

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