Thunderbolt 5, new Mac Eurasia and much more. Best of the week on I’m from Mac

This first week of August is being quite productive in terms of news, updates to Apple operating systems and others. In August you can usually be a little more relaxed but that does not mean you stop and in I am from Mac we are at the bottom of the canyon. This week we have had all kinds of important news in the Apple world, including the update of the video cards for the powerful Mac Pro, so we go with some of the outstanding news of the week.

The speed of data transfer through the Thunderbolt ports they are undoubtedly one of the points that can be improved in the not too distant future. In this case the work with the Thunderbolt 5 is powerful and the first tests are really satisfactory.

Render MacBook Air

New MacBooks are waiting to be released shortly.

New references to Macs appear in the Eurasia database and in it you can see information about two new Mac models that would supposedly be the new ones 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro that we have been seeing in rumors for a few days.

Apple’s website was updated to add the “Store” section at the top of the menus. In this way cbuy or find faster the product you are looking for on the web since everything is together in one place.

Mac Pro

To finish, in addition to the novelty of the “Store” section on the web mentioned here, the Cupertino company added new features in the configuration of Mac Pro, allowing users to add new graphics cards to powerful computers. In this case it is the graphs Radeon Pro W6800X GDDR6 and W6900X GDDR6.

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