TikTok boosts its advertisers’ marketing investments with innovation

TikTok bets on a creative advertising so more and more users interact in a different way. On TikTok, brands are a fundamental part of the community and these come to the platform to reach much broader audiences, with a community that already exceeds one billion users worldwide.

However, in a world where competition is increasing and where companies of all sizes seek to differentiate themselves, it is essential that brands can get the most out of their marketing investments, to reach the largest possible number of people (with a specific target) and, furthermore, do it for the lowest possible price. And this is where TikTok plays a fundamental role.

Sephora optimizes its Christmas campaign on TikTok

Sephora is a chain that offers customers across Europe cosmetics, skin care and fragrance products from thousands of brands, including its own private label. On the eve of Christmas, Sephora collaborated with Labelium Playa consultancy specializing in digital audiovisual, in carrying out a campaign within the TikTok community in Spain, which was focused on conversion and that attracted a whole new audience to its website and its stores.

To do this, they produced a campaign, focused on Christmas wish lists, of “Spark Ads”, a new ad display format to amplify the native content of brands. In this way, Spark Ads enables brands to amplify existing organic videos that fit their campaign goals, such as video views and conversion, with great flexibility and efficiency.

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The campaign launched by Sephora in collaboration with Labelium Play precisely demonstrated the effectiveness and optimization of this new format, promoting authentic content to reach new audiences throughout the TikTok community in Spain. Specifically, this strategy led to an 86% reduction in cost per acquisition compared to their previous traffic campaigns, along with a 53% reduction in cost per click. In addition, the campaign obtained a CTR of over 60%, thus demonstrating that the impacted users had a real interest in Sephora and its products.

Lucía Herranz, Comms, PR & Content Manager at Sephora, states, “For us, it is essential to be able to work following a full funnel strategy that allows us to optimize results based on performance. During the Christmas campaign on TikTok, we generated native content on the platform that allowed us to achieve a high level of engagement, while optimizing conversion. This translated into increased sales, and a greater reach of younger audiences.”.

Innovation as a key element in marketing

One of the differentiating factors of TikTok as a platform is the feed “For You”, which is the screen that is shown to all users when they enter the application. East feed offers a continuous thread of videos that have been selected based on the tastes of each user, so no two “For You” are the same. This innovative recommendation system not only allows the TikTok community to be able to enjoy and discover content related to their tastes and preferences, but, applied to marketing solutions, it also allows advertisers to reach users who may really have an interest. potential for your product.

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