Tiktok: How to remove the watermark on your videos?

TikTok It is the most used short video platform today, its growth accelerated exponentially during the pandemic, thanks to the creation of challenges and content that in a short time managed to go viral, attracting a large number of new users.

Another of the secrets behind the success of the application is in its powerful video editor, In fact, the vast majority of Tik Toks are created using only the phone, which means that we do not need external tools to be able to edit, cut and even add special effects to our videos.

However, after uploading a video the application automatically adds a watermark that includes our user as well as a watermark to indicate that it was created with Tiktok, which for many users turns out to be an inconvenience, especially if you want to upload to another social network.

How to remove the water seal?

The first thing to do is record the TikTok and upload it publicly, once it is up in our account, you have to click on share.

Later we must copy the link, that is, the URL of the video which must be public, followed by this we enter this site, click on download and 3 buttons will appear, download without a watermark and even down we can even download it as MP3.

Once the desired option is chosen, the automatic downloaday it will be ready on our device without any watermark.

How to download it on our PC?

To download it on our PC we have to access TikTok With our account, once we are there we can go to our profile and obtain the links using the copy link button.

Once we have it copied, we enter this link, click on the download button and, as in the version for mobile devices, we can download the file in MP3 without a watermark.

These are the two ways in which the watermark can be removed from our TikTok Just remember that when you are using this website, there may be links to advertising sites that you just have to close them to access the download.


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