TikTok is finally adding a dislike button to video comments

The social network TikTok has just rolled out a new way for users to sort between positive and negative comments. Users can now “like” or “dislike” comments from other Internet users.

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It’s not uncommon for the comments section of certain social media posts to become a veritable cesspool. On TikTok in particular, it is particularly difficult to sort through all the comments in bad taste, because the platform does not often highlight the most constructive opinions.

That may soon change, as the platform has just announced a new way for the community to give feedback on other users’ comments. After testing the feature for several months, TikTok is finally allowing users to click “ I do not like “, represented by a “thumbs down” in the comments section.

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TikTok finally allows sorting in the comments section

While there are no specific rules for using the feature, the fake news-infested social network said the new method of interaction would allow it to see comments better. inappropriate or irrelevant “. Thus, we imagine that the more thumbs down a comment receives, the more it will be hidden from other Internet users.

It should be specified that users will not be able to see how many times their comment has been dislikedand that it will be possible for those who have given their opinion to reconsider their decision if they wish.

TikTok is therefore finally getting to the level of a few other platforms that already allow you to “unlike” other people’s comments, such as YouTube or Reddit. If your comment is insulting or just not relevant, the latter will now have a much better chance of being forgotten. Such a change could well reduce the toxicity of the social network, but it will probably take several months to find out if the new feature has improved the comment space for videos.

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