TikTok is where children and teens spend the most time, this study confirms

Although the future of TikTok hangs by a thread in the United States, the social network still enjoys phenomenal popularity among young “digital natives”.

A child is holding a smartphone on which TikTok is displayed / Credit: 123rf

With TikTok, children have access to anorexic and suicidal content in just a few minutes. This is one of the many arguments aimed at denigrating TikTok and encouraging teenagers to stop frequenting the Chinese social network. The platform remains the application most used by young people. This is what this study, which aims to understand how new digital natives are shaping their tech habits and how families adapt to an ever-changing world”.

We attribute all evil to TikTok, so much so that sour future on American soil hangs by a thread. If he were to disappear from homes on the other side of the Atlantic, we can expect an outbreak of domestic scenes in the land of Uncle Sam. Qustudio, a parental control solution, the numbers don’t lie: TikTok is by far the favorite application of children and adolescents in the United States. The company claims that since June 2020, users aged 4 to 18 watch more TikTok than YouTube.

Young people spend more time on TikTok than on YouTube

However, the report states that YouTube remains one of the favorite platforms for young audiences. He spends 67 minutes a day watching videos there, a nice increase of 20% compared to 2021. Another interesting point, the report tells us that while streaming platforms such as Netflix and other Prime Video suffered heavy losses financial in 2022, it is not because of the children; they watched even more content than in previous years and their screen time increased by 18% on average.

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That said, when a child spends an average of 67 minutes on YouTube, they spend 107 on TikTok, i.e. 60% more time. Faced with the success of these videos in short format, YouTube has tried to draw its Shorts, and Instagram its Reels, but that has not turned teens away from TikTok. Worse still, the gap is widening day by day.

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