TikTok is working on paid subscriptions like Instagram

TikTok plans to let its creators offer paid subscriptions. Creators could better monetize their content and thus value their work. Just as Instagram announced yesterday, this idea is only in the testing phase for now. TikTok did not reveal any additional details.

We relayed the information in our columns yesterday: Instagram now offers paid subscriptions for influencers. This feature currently only applies the 10 biggest influencers on the platform, but it will be extended to more creators if the objectives are achieved. For the company, it is first of all a test. But the long-term goal is to provide influencers with monetization tools to fund content creation. This would also have the effect of reducing the number of contents that are in fact hidden promotions.

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Subscriptions have been leaked since last year. And their launch will very logically encourage other platforms to adopt the same strategy. Indeed, TikTok is also reportedly planning to offer its creators similar monetization tools. Company spokesperson Zachary Kizer confirmed the information to our colleagues at The Verge. He even explains that the concept is currently being tested. But it would be different from Meta’s social network.

TikTok is also testing paid subscriptions with influencers

Certainly, the implementation of a system similar to that of Instagram would help creators to earn money on the content they produce. But TikTok’s model is different from Instagram’s. Indeed, the platform relies on an algorithm responsible for placing content in the personalized “For you” page, allowing each user to discover new creators to follow. However, the subscription system would prevent creators who have chosen to charge for access to their content from appearing on this page. Consequently, no one would discover them.

The ideal would therefore be to bring a little granularity. Thus, creators could determine which content is to be monetized or not. Free content would appear in the “For You” pages and would act as “loss leaders”, while more qualitative content will be offered only to paying subscribers. And it is on this solution that TikTok would work with the influencers who test the system. Good news for all those who fail to sufficiently monetize their audience. Tiktok does not announce how long this test phase will last, or whether this solution will be retained. But it will be interesting to compare the strategies of the two social networks and the reaction of the influencers.

Source: The Verge

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