TikTok makes a positive balance of 2022

Before the end of the year, TikTok has taken stock of 2022. It is a year in which the company has established itself as one of the main destinations for entertainment. A year in which, for example, Rosalía has presented her latest release, MOTOMAMIthrough a unique performance that was broadcast exclusively through TikTok LIVE and that captivated all music lovers worldwide.

2022 has also been the year in which the platform launched “TikTok Classics – memes and viral hits”his first album together with Warner Classics with classic versions of some of the 18 most viral songs on TikTok that were reinterpreted by the prestigious Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg.

In the sports field, 2022 has been a year full of milestones. In April, GOAL offered the match between Real Sociedad and Real Betis vertically and openly through TikTok, which exceeded 500,000 unique viewers, more than 1.2 million “likes” and more than 68,000 comments. Similarly, women’s sport also had a prominent place on TikTok, which became the official sponsor of UEFA Women’s EURO 2022, an association that allowed this football competition to be promoted and made even more visible to an audience of more than 1 billion users worldwide.

But this was not the only sponsorship, since in 2022 the cinema also flooded TikTokmaking the platform the outstanding partner of the 70th edition of the San Sebastian Festival, an unprecedented association for one of the most prestigious festivals in the world.

TikTok is entertainment. And this year we have also seen the maximum innovation put at the service of entertainment. From musical shows recorded with mobile phones, to football matches broadcast for the first time live and in vertical format. In TikTok, entertainment is written with a capital letter, and we feel very grateful that it is so ”, ensures Soraya Castellanos, Responsible for Content, Community and Associations of TikTok Spain and Portugal.

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First Council of Creators in Spain

Finally, this year full of entertainment could not end without connecting and recognizing the community, as happened with the launch of the first Council of Creators in Spain, with the aim of better understanding and serving the needs of the community and thus improving the user experience, or rewarding all these TikTok creators who fill the platform with content through creativity and unique content. In this way, TikTok celebrated the For You Fest Awards to recognize the creativity, diversity and talent of the platform’s Spanish community in categories such as sports, entertainment, comedy, education, gaming, diversity, music, fashion and beauty, and lifestyle.

2022 was also a year where brands used all their creativity and ingenuity to create incredible campaigns within TikTok. This year the company celebrated its first TikTok Awards which awarded prizes to the most creative campaign (Greatest creative – KFC), the one with the best performance (Greatest Performance – Samsung) and the best of the best (Greatest TikTok – Durex). These campaigns demonstrated that on TikTok creativity is closely linked to performance and that education through entertainment not only increases interactions with key users, but also increases sales.

TikTok has meant a paradigm shift in the advertising industry, allowing brands to bring out their most human, committed and creative side, in a safe and welcoming environment. On the platform, the brands that act as creators and those that innovate are the ones that have the most success, not only in interactions, but also in sales results. Being authentic, knowing how to use the platform tools, and innovating, is what guarantees success”, says Teba Lorenzo, director of Relations with the Brands of TikTok Spain.

But not all were large companies, but rather SMEs also played a leading role in TikTok, especially with the celebration of the day of women entrepreneurs in which several female entrepreneurs from the platform met to give visibility to the importance of female entrepreneurship within TikTok.

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