TikTok now allows live streaming of adult content

TikTok has just updated its rules regarding Lives. Users will now be able to address more adult themes, such as traumatic subjects and the use of coarse language. On the other hand, sexually explicit content is still banned from the platform.


Regularly, TikTok changes its rules to adapt to the needs of its users – and to face the many controversies that the application generates. Lately, the social network seems to be making a point of protecting its youngest users, who are particularly numerous on the platform. Also, the last update of the TOS may seem surprising at first sight.

Indeed, the app’s Live tab gets more freedom, as creators can now stream content considered adult. However, we are still far from seeing naked people on the application, sexually explicit content is still banned from the latter. On the other hand, users now have the possibility of approaching more mature themes.

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TikTok now reserves its Lives for adult users

Thus, some difficult subjects can be discussed live on the social network, while having greater freedom of language being able to pronounce certain rude words. It is therefore the responsibility of the creator to ensure that his audience is mature enough to be able to watch this type of content. This is certainly the reason why TikTok is going to make a second major change. As of next November 23, it will be necessary to have at least 18 years old to launch a Live.

This restriction is set at 16 to date, which has not failed to cause many problems, such as the psychological abuse of certain creators by older viewers, or threats to schools by users. On this subject, TikTok should soon make it possible to block certain keywords in the comments of a Live.

Finally, remember that the Chinese social network plans to prevent the youngest users from accessing certain streams, further strengthening the protection around difficult content. Last feature in development: it will soon be possible to invite other users to their Livevia an on-screen grid system.

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