TikTok seeks to compete with Twitch; We tell you what The Game Room is about

TikTok is one of the short video applications with the highest demand in the world, millions of users access daily to consume the content that is available for free, covering different topics, from news and entertainment to video games.

The TikTok network is home to content creators of all kinds, and gamers couldn’t be left out. Although, it is true that every day it is more common to find videos of gameplays, news of video game and related, the truth is that the company has made a great effort to grow in this market.

Now we know that the short video giant intends to reinforce its strategy for gamers, which could even compete against applications such as Twitch, which is mainly oriented to transmit video game content from the hand of the creators.

TikTok The Game Room is a new monthly project, which officially started on November 19, in which the Chinese network was officially introduced in the transmission of video games. Once a month, TikTok will broadcast a live show where celebrities will play their favorite video games.

The first installment that took place in the United States featured the participation of one of the stars of the “Stranger Things” series, Noah Schnapp, Will, being the first special participant in this new project. At the same time, a joint edition was held in Mexico City with Una Fernanda Más and Javier Cazarez as special guests.

“The Game Room: This new experience unites games and culture, unlocking new ways to play and be entertained on TikTok.

As on Twitch, TikTok users were able to interact during the broadcast, who in this edition clashed in the acclaimed Among Us video game to discover who the impostor was, but it was not an easy task as they were subject to all kinds of challenges. From playing with the screen locked to guessing the character.

Month after month, Tiktok will be contemplating new guests for its broadcasts.

TikTok and video games

For some, it might be strange that TikTok is betting on the gamer market, however, the company behind this platform has been for a long time, Byte Dance, announced the launch of its own MOBA title, called Mobile Legends, reinforcing the commitment that the company has with this market.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of those MOBA-style games (set in online battlefields for multiplayer) very similar to recognized titles such as League of Legends and Heroes Of The Storm, that is, an offensive and defensive game. Available for download for free through iOS and Android devices.

Byte Dance also announced the acquisition of the Shanghai-based developer studio Moonton Technology, which was in charge of the creation of Mobile Legends. This sale was completed at the beginning of 2021, being acquired for a value of 4,000 million dollars.


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