TikTok: The most hated photo of his father goes viral thanks to Photoshop

The perfect family photo does not exist. The more people appear in the shot, the more likely it is that one of the protagonists will complain about the photo. There can be thousands of reasons: closed eyes, a strange expression, a bad memory of that day … But, even if it’s not perfect, the usual thing is that the photo ends framed and placed on the wall of a family member. Well, a TikToker has shown that it is possible to have a perfect family photo. The only requirement to get it is to put a little of the magic of editing in the middle.

From painting in the living room to viral on TikTok

Kyle Scheele grew up in his parents’ home with a family picture very peculiar.

“In the photo we have my father, my mother, my brother, my cousins, my uncles and me,” said Schele. «My father hates this photo with all his soul because for some reason unknown to all of us, the photographer made him bow your head only to him. And he only knew this when the photo was developed and printed.

But of course, that your father had no appreciation for the photo does not mean that the image does not have sentimental value. His mother has always wanted the family portrait to be on the living room wall, which means that this man has seen his unfortunate posed in the photo for several decades.

Luckily for the Scheele family, Kyle knows about Photoshop. And if you who are reading us also know something about that program, you may have thought that solving the image is a piece of cake. And so did Kyle.

Scanning the photo in the highest resolution it could, imported the image digital to his MacBook and opened it in Photoshop. In a matter of seconds, he made a selection over his father’s head, applied a transformation and corrected the angle neck drop to get his father’s sight completely straight. Solved?

Giving it the touch troll

Kyle could have just saved the image, printed it, and pasted the swap over to the original, but it would have been too basic a solution and would never have been a viral phenomenon. Now that his father’s pose was correctly aligned, Kyle repeated the process, but this time, to spoil the picture, that is, to incline their gaze a little to the rest of the family. The result? His father’s dream. Now he is the only one that turns out well in the aforementioned family photo.

The next step was to have the photograph printed and framed. Done that, Scheele gave the gift to her father saying aloud the following words: “There is a photo in this house that my father has never liked. This year I realized that I had the power to fix it. Immediately afterwards, his father withdrew the wrapping paper and began to give him a fit of laughter, which would end up infecting his mother as well.

The full video of the editing process from image and the reaction of his family is uploaded to TikTok and YouTube since January of this year, although it has not been until now that this case has been viralized by social networks.

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