TikTok wants to avoid being banned at all costs, the CEO assures that the application is “safe”

TikTok could well disappear from the American market, if the CEO of the application cannot convince Congress to reverse its decision. According to him, the application is secure, but this is not the opinion of all.

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TikTok is currently in very bad shape in several parts of the world. The European Commission had, for example, banned the application from its members, and the Senate also opened an investigation to assess the dangers of its algorithm. More important again, the social network may be living its last days in the United Statesyet one of the most important markets.

Indeed, the United States could soon ban the application from their country, under suspicion of espionage and questionable security for the personal data of American users. Obviously, TikTok is not going to let it go, and TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew now has every intention of reassuring Congress.

The United States wants to ban TikTok

Earlier this month, the Biden administration demanded that ByteDance, the app’s Chinese parent company, sell its stake in the app. In other words, the US government is trying to coerce the app’s Chinese owners into reselling their shares. These would then be bought by American investors, and this would prevent the application from being banned from the country.

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According to the American authorities, the application would simply be dangerous for the safety of Americans. FBI Director Chris Wray told the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this month that Beijing had the ability to control the software on millions of devices due to its relationship with ByteDance. More than a dozen countries have already introduced full, partial or public sector bans on TikTok for national security reasons.

While some are worried that the app could be infiltrated by the Chinese government in order to spy on US users or access their data, others were alarmed at the possibility that the Chinese government uses the app to deliver propaganda to the American public. Other concerns are not just about TikTok, but more broadly about the potential for social media platforms to lead young users into harmful abuses, not to mention the addiction they cause.

TikTok reassures, its application is not dangerous

For its part, the Chinese Communist Party said there was no evidence that TikTok posed a threat to national security. The company’s CEO will now have to answer questions from US lawmakers who are concerned about the effects of the social media platform on its young user base and possible national security risks posed by the popular app, which was founded by Chinese entrepreneurs.

Shou Zi Chew regularly ensures that the video-sharing application is committed to ensuring user safety, data protection and security, and maintaining the platform free from the influence of the Chinese government.

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Earlier this month, at a Hardvard Business Review conference, the CEO reiterated that ” The Chinese government never asked for US user data “. ” We’ve said it publicly, even if asked, we wouldn’t provide it. “, he assured. He added, moreover, that ” all US user data is stored, by default, in Oracle Cloud infrastructure ” and ” access to this data is fully controlled by US personnel “. However, for the moment, this does not seem to be enough to reassure the American authorities.

However, the CEO will have to convince Congress to back down. if he wants to keep the 150 million users of TikTok in the United States.Almost half of the United States comes to TikTok to connect, create, share, learn or just have fun. ”, pointed out Chew. ” This comes at a pivotal time for us. Some politicians started talking about banning TikTok, and now it could deprive TikTok of 150 million of you “.

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