TikTok wants to be your new online store and that you buy everything

What is TikTok Shipping

By traffic, by number of active users, by the ability to reach large audiences, by the power of influence of some creators, for all this and many other reasons it is logical that social networks have always been an important place for brands. So, knowing all that, the networks themselves are now preparing to become stores as well.

Instagram already announced a few months ago Instagram Shop, an option that enabled a tab through which the user could easily make purchases without leaving the application itself. So you not only earn from the sale, but also from the retention by not taking you to a third-party site where you could forget about the social network.

Now it carries TikTok Shopping and it could be said that this new collaboration between the social network itself and the online sales platform Shopify is the answer to Instagram Shop. Thus, thanks to the agreement reached between both companies, a system has been developed that will allow companies to sell to the millions of users that the network has. All this without having to leave it.

Well, whoever says business actually tells any user account that they set their profile as TikTok for Business or TikTok for Business. So basically that would be the only requirement, and also have an account in Shopify for catalog synchronization, payment gateway, etc.

Once the profile is created, you would only have to go to your user page on TikTok and there you would see a new tab with access to this new section to online shopping that TikTok has integrated.

How to start using TikTok Shopping

It is possible that you already have some type of active ecommerce on the internet. Sell ​​online It is relatively easy and it does not have to be anything related to the creation of a physical product, the info products are also valid when creating a store or business on the internet.

Once you have it or you already know that you are going to sell online, the obvious step is to create an account that supports TikTik Shopping. The only important point that you have to know right now is that this service, for the moment, it is only available in the United States and United Kingdom.

The latter is because everything is still in beta process. Shopify in particular has commented on this and to be able to use the new tool it will not only be enough to be in those countries. They will also need to request early access through a web page enabled by the online shopping tool.

If you want to do it, because you meet the requirements, you will only have to visit the Shopify URLs. Once you have applied, you will only have to wait and be patient to see if you are one of the chosen ones to try this new tool. Of course, you will also need to have a product or several products to sell.

How TikTok Shopping works

The operation of TikTok Shopping has surely already been clear to you, but still a review so that you can still further establish the information about this new option that begins to display TikTok t that may soon be available to each and every one of the countries where the service will be active.

The first thing you should do to use TikTok Shopping when it is activated is this:

  • Configure your profile as TikTok Business. To do this, go to your profile and once inside go to the three-striped icon in the upper right corner and then to Settings and privacy> Manage account> Switch to a Company account
  • Accept and voila, you will have the account changed from staff to Company. This will enable another series of advantages such as new tools to access metrics that will give you information about the scope of your content and more

Once the account type has been changed, you will see that a new tab what is the shopping or shopping. Now you only have to synchronize the items that you have for sale through Shipify. So it shouldn’t involve any kind of complexity.

Currently, some well-known users such as Kylie Jenner already have this tab active that allows their fans and other followers to purchase the products that they sell or directly recommend in their publications.

TikTik will compete against Facebook, Instagram and any other in online sales

As you may have already thought, the new TikTok proposal is not another way to compete with what your main rivals are doing. And it is that Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even Snapchat know that online shopping mixed with the leisure formula is much more satisfactory than other more classic ones.

In addition, being able to do it by seeing those content creators that you trust or that you think are not going to disappoint you with false information is always good. Although the latter is sometimes difficult to know for sure. Not all content creators maintain an ethical code to match.

However, as they say from TikTok:

Shopify is bringing commerce to Tiktok. Social commerce is the next frontier of entrepreneurship. Shopify is the infrastructure that powers the Creator economy, unlocking purchases for creators and brands. We are creating the ability to convert fans into potential buyers.

All these news are always welcome because there are users who could get an extra salary or even make it their business if they have some support from their community of followers.

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