TikTok: you can now activate or deactivate subtitles on all videos

TikTok now allows app users to turn captions on or off on all videos on the social network. The platform also adds new translation languages.

TikTok is currently not going through its quietest and richest period in terms of good news. The famous Chinese social network is in a dirty court case with the United States for a personal data theft case. And the platform also had to withdraw a controversial update in Europe in extremis, after having drawn the wrath of the privacy authorities in particular. Anyway, TikTok is trying somehow to stay the course.

The social network has just revealed an important new feature in the subtitles of its videos. TikTok now makes it easier for all of its users to watch videos with subtitles that are automatically generated. The Chinese social network has just announced it in an official note. You should know that this feature was already present on the social network since last year. But it had several shortcomings.

You can enable or disable subtitles for all TikTok videos

The captioning feature in place, for example, required TikTok video creators to enable subtitles automatically generated on their video before publishing it. The availability of these subtitles then depended entirely on the creator of the video not forgetting to activate them. If a creator had the misfortune to forget to enable subtitles, then there was no way to add them after publishing. The only solution to correct the problem then was to delete the post and start all over again.

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This system was particularly annoying for users deaf or hard of hearing, who regularly had to ask the platform’s content creators to activate the subtitles for each video. TikTok has therefore decided to settle all this by posting an update that adds the ability for users to enable subtitles themselves. For all platform videos. Note that TikTok extends this functionality to video captions and descriptions, which can also be translated automatically. Automatic subtitles and translations will initially be available in English, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and Turkish.

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