TikToker is a construction manager and lives HELL on the construction site for being a MODEL: they don’t take her seriously

Autumn westfall It is Tiktoker and it is also construction project manager commercial and model. However, her physical beauty has led her to live both good and bad experiences, you are last especially when she exercises her position as construction manager because her workers don’t take her seriously.

His strange experience inside the male-dominated construction industry He has shared it on his TikTok account where he has more than 13,700 followers.

“It is 100% true that there are nice privileges and yes, it is absolutely rude that when people find you attractive, generally they are kind to you for that reason and only for that reason“quoted the NY Times.

Westfall is the mother of two girls and she maintains their care along with her active TikTok account that keeps her private and her other jobs as a construction manager and as a curves model for Directions USA Models, a modeling agency in North Carolina.

The influencer reflects on the “logic” that if you are a “pretty” person, it is not possible that you can be in a position of power or have any intelligence.

“For me personally, I work in construction management on multi-million dollar jobs and I can’t tell you how much fun it is that my emails are ignored and people literally talk to my coworker and act like i’m there to serve them”, He expressed.

Autumn often shares her experiences on TikTok

Autumn wonders what it will bring to her daughters who are currently under five years old. being looked down upon or treated professionally. I don’t want that to be a problem for them. “

On TikTok, the construction professional often shares her stories she faces with her co-workers as well as posting makeup clips like any girl does, though he currently keeps it private.

“I go out to put on my construction gear, fix my hair and hat, and a co-worker comes out and says, ‘Can I tell you something and promise you won’t be mad?’ And I said, okay. I got angry”.

Autumn hopes that there will be a basic respect in all walks and walks of life without appearance is the main factor for it.

With information from The Sun and NY Times.


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