TikTok’s frozen honey craze proves humans are hopeless

The challenge of frozen honey in Tiktok

The Internet will never cease to amaze us, much less the users who generate content. The latest trend of the social network of the moment, TikTok, has left us with a somewhat strange situation that raises us again about what leads humans to do certain things, since as you can see below, the idea has enough to analyze.

It all starts with a video uploaded by the user Daveyrz, a TikToker known for his videos with fluids and viscous materials. In this video, he raises the idea of ​​freezing honey and see if it can attract bees, however, the honey ends up melting and does not get the result that he expected. Leaving aside the absurdity of the situation, the thing becomes even more interesting, since, in the process of freezing and thawing, our protagonist decided to take a bite of the surprising viscous material into which the honey had been transformed. And this was when it all started.


This should bring it back to life #experiment

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The viral is born

Tiktok frozen honey

With more than 2 million views, it seems that good old Daveyrz discovered something that TikTok users were attracted to, so, as always happens in any type of social network, he decided to make the most of it. To do this, he began to carry out experiments adding colorants to honey to obtain different colors, and after not being satisfied with the density of the honey itself, he improved his recipe by creating fluids with cornstarch and more colorants, giving life to colorful gels that he did not hesitate to nibble. .

His videos have started to get a lot of likes and reproductions, bringing the hashtag to life #frozenhoney, that already accumulates hundreds of tiktoks of users replicating the challenge of frozen honey.

The dangers of the meme

As expected, the meme has arrived like an unstoppable avalanche, and users have not stopped to think what they are really doing. And that’s where the opinion of doctors and experts comes in, who say that the action of biting into a large piece of honey could lead to health problems for tiktokers. On the one hand, they could suffer stomach aches and even diarrhea, since the sugar rush caused by the big honey ball falls into the stomach like a bomb, and our body is forced to generate large amounts of insulin.

It is undoubtedly a not highly recommended practice, so users should be careful to replicate each and every one of the virals that are generated in social networks, especially those that can directly affect their health. So please stop the nonsense virals.

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