TikTok’s Milk Crate Challenge is not fun but dangerous

The TikTok Box Mountain Challenge

Challenges have long been one of the fundamental engines for the growth and use of a multitude of platforms, including social networks. A user proposes an idea, assigns it a hashtag and if they are lucky and it attracts attention, it goes viral in no time. Which results in millions of users trying to complete them and making it grow like a snowball until the arrival of the next challenge.

This is how it has happened with the #cratechallenge that without being something exact we could say that it is the substitute for that other challenge about eating frozen honey. And yes, both have been especially popular on TikTok. Ideal platform to show all this type of short and painful videos.

What is this new viral challenge? Well, basically in stacking boxes of those that are usually used in supermarkets to transport bottles of milk or other foods such as fruits and vegetables, etc. These must be put as a ladder to simulate a mountain that will have a maximum height of seven of these boxes.

With construction ready, the intrepid who accept the challenge will have to go up to the top. Easy? Well, it might seem like it, but it is not nor is it safe from what can be seen in the videos published on other social networks that echoed. Some falls hurt just to see them.

As you can see, it is so easy to lose your stability that worst of all is that falling you can do a lot of damage. Not so much for the height but for the way of doing it. And that some do, but to see someone overcome it, How many have been injured? Many will not get over the fright and some bumps or sprains, but others … be careful. And it is that in part it reminds others where falls were intentionally caused on the ass.

Should networks detract from dangerous challenges?

When the challenge of #cratechallenge went viral on TikTok the social network disabled searches and results for this tag. And that is something that makes you wonder to what extent social networks have the responsibility of reducing visibility to these types of challenges.

It is a complicated issue, because at first they would not break the rules regarding the type of content that can be uploaded to the platform. It is not, as has happened on some specific occasion, a content where the explicitness of the images can do real damage just by viewing them. Remember the cases of suicides or the like.

However, if you stop to think, these challenges can also harm users and could be considered dangerous, even if they could not be eliminated. If avoiding that they can be easily found with a simple search, the truth is that it would be enough to prevent many others from joining a more dangerous challenge than you can imagine.

Of course, this may be the only viable option, because it seems that the human being has no remedy and even knowing someone will have to remedy it to avoid tragic consequences.

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