Tile strikes back at AirTag by improving its trackers

That the directors of the firm Tile They are chirping since the appearance of Apple’s AirTag trackers, it is nothing new. This company had controlled the global market for tracker keyrings, and has seen how Apple has broken into this business very strongly with its AirTag.

So either the batteries are put in, or Tile will see how it is losing market share of pocket trackers. An important part of tracker users are also iPhone users, and these almost certainly have already bought one or more AirTagsTo the detriment of the famous Tiles, which have just received a handful of new features to prevent such customer “leaks” as much as possible. Let’s see them.

Tile, the well-known brand of article trackers based on Bluetooth That compete with Apple’s AirTags, has just introduced a new an updated line of its devices with a host of new features that make it easier for users to locate their lost items.

Tile Pro, Mate, Slim and Sticker

The Tile Pro, the king of Tile trackers with a 120 meter Bluetooth range, has been updated with a new keychain look. The company claims that the Pro is designed to be clipped to keys out of the box, and can easily be attached to purses and purses.

The trackers Mate, Sticker and Slim They have been updated and now have a Bluetooth range of 75 meters, a more robust clamping ring and an improved IP67 water resistance. The Mate has also received a design restyling and now boasts a three-year battery life.

Tile App

Tile has its own tracking app.

Tile is also updating its “Lost and Found” network with support for QR codes to be included on the back of each tracker. If a lost item is found with a Tile tracker, the person who found it can scan the QR code to get the owner’s contact details. All updated Tile trackers include such a QR code.

The new Tile Pro, Mate, Slim and Sticker from Tile are priced from € 29.99 and they can be purchased from the Tile website or from electronics stores like Amazon.

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