Tim begins migration of Oi customers with prepaid and control plans

The migration of Oi’s customers should start from June, according to Tim’s announcement made this Monday (25) in a presentation about the closing of the deal. The operator took 40% (16.4 million) of Oi’s customers, and had to pay R$ 6.98 billion, of which R$ 6.3 billion has already been paid.

The process begins with Oi’s control and prepaid plan holders, which totals approximately 7 million chips. “In the first phase, we are going to migrate the network and therefore benefit Oi’s and Tim’s customers, because both will be served by more spectrum. From the beginning, customers will notice an improvement, with 4G coverage going from 60% to 97%”, promised the president of Tim Brasil, Alberto Griselli.

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Soon after, the transfer continues with postpaid plans, scheduled to start in August. “In the second phase, customer migration, we will analyze Oi’s plans and define landing plans at TIM. Basically, we’re going to create similar plans for Oi’s customers over the course of 12 months, not necessarily identical, but with the same or better conditions than they have today,” added Griselli.

The first-phase migration—with both control and pre-clients—should begin immediately and last up to three months. “This means that Oi’s customers will be anchored in Tim’s network and this new network will already have the spectrum that comes from Oi. Therefore, there will be benefits for our customers, who will have a network with more spectrum, and for Oi’s customers, who will not only have more spectrum but also greater coverage from Tim,” said Leonardo Capdeville, the operator’s director of technological innovation.

According to Capdeville, there will be “different migration windows,” and the company expects to complete the process in 12 months from April.

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In 2023, the pace of migration should also accelerate, indicates the company. “We’re going to start with a small number of customers to test the systems, around 50,000 customers, and that number is increasing. We also have to remember that in Brazil we have ABR Telecom, responsible for all portability requests. Therefore, in addition to the relationship between Oi and Tim, we have external impacts to migration”, added the CTO.

Tim’s phone plans can cost up to R$11 more in the pocket of former Oi customers

Responsible for the largest share of Oi Móvel, Tim believes that the acquisition should profit at least R$ 9 million from the deal. On the other hand, assimilating the new customer base will require effort, especially in relation to higher value plans.

Tim’s president himself said that it will take persuasion to increase customer returns. “Oi’s Arpu is R$15, compared to R$26 for ours. We still don’t know the quality of the customer base, let’s see the differences. And each company has its own policy regarding the ‘cleaning’ of the prepaid base. There will be some cleanup, but the size is still unclear,” Griselli said.

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