Tim Cook celebrates 40 years of Apple presence in Singapore

It was 1981 when Apple decided that Singapore was the perfect place to start the business in Asia. Said and done and right now 40 years have passed since its inception. Singapore serves as Apple’s base for its Asia-Pacific operations. Today, Apple says it employs more than 3,500 people and supports another 55,000 jobs in the city with the iOS app economy. Tim Cook celebrated the occasion with a new interview with local radio, in which he talks about his first experience with Mac.

After 40 years Apple is as overwhelming as ever in Asia, thanks to its presence in the city of Singapore. After those 40 years, Apple CEO Tim Cook has contacted local radio station Mediacorp Class 95. Cook describes how one of his first jobs joining Apple in 1998 was visiting Singapore to validate the iMac production line. original translucent, which was made in the city.

In that same interview, Cook said that his first Apple product was the Apple II, which he used as part of his senior project at Auburn University. In addition to manufacturing, Apple is also investing in Singapore’s applications industry. He has launched a program of acceleration to help students learn Swift as part of the school’s curriculum.

Since then, the Singapore government has mandated that primary school students must learn to code for at least 10 hours. Apple noted that Butter Royale, one of the most popular Apple Arcade games, is developed by a team from the Asian city. But we also have to say that one of Apple’s most impressive retail stores is also in the city. It is the one that appears in the opening image of this article. Apple Marina Bay Sands opened last september and it literally floats on the water.

The projects continue because we are sure that the company wants another forty years to come, at least. Right now he is working with the government for renewable energy projects. The Americans partnered with local energy company Sunseap to place solar panels on more than 800 buildings, generating 32 megawatts of solar power and helping run local Apple retail stores with 100% renewable energy.

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