Tim Cook’s goodbye when another great product is introduced

It is not the first time that we read in a medium like Bloomberg that the current CEO of the Cupertino company would be preparing his departure from the company in a well calculated and thoughtful way. Nothing is eternal and Cook, it is clear that one day the time will come to leave his position but he wants to do it for everything big, with a new product category entering Apple.

According to the well-known Apple analyst, Mark Gurman, in the Bloomberg media, the CEO of Apple is only awaiting his departure just after launching a new product category, a revolutionary product that Gurman says it may be the augmented reality glasses.

According to all the rumors for a few years working on these augmented reality glasses and even on a mixed reality headset for next year, just 10 years have passed since Cook took officeTherefore, it is not strange that in a more or less short period of time we see a change in the company’s top manager.

Does this mean that Cook will leave office this year or next year? No, according to Gurman himself, it is possible that to see the departure of the current Apple CEO we will have to wait between 2025 and 2028, which is when we could see these new augmented reality glasses on the market.

Personally, I have the doubt whether Apple is really working on a smart electric car as the rumors indicate, wouldn’t it be better if Cook left office at the time of his presentation? Is it possible that of everything discussed in these years we finally do not see anything officially? Who will take your place? Are several unanswered questions but we also need to see the right moment when good old Tim Cook decides to leave the firm …

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