Tina Chiquitina Raid the dragon’s dungeon for free on the Epic Games Store

Not only anticipating the usual date, but also offering us an additional free game to the one currently available, the Epic Games Store brings us completely free of charge «Tina Chiquitina Raids the dragon’s dungeon: a unique adventure», a small installment prior to the new homonymous title of this secondary character in the Borderlands saga that will be released next year, and that promises us a huge amount of action, fantasy, and the characteristic humor of these games.

Maintaining the usual model, the game will be available through the Epic Games Store, so we will only have to log in with our Epic account, access the game page (or click on this direct link), add it to our purchase with the total discount, and complete the purchase to have it unlocked for life in our library.

Although we can also add it directly from the Epic launcher, highlighted in the home of the store, which will redirect us to the page of this title without having to resort to the web browser.

Once again, remember that like the rest of the free games offered on the Epic Games Store, only we can redeem it for free for a week, with a deadline for next Tuesday, November 16 at 4:59 p.m. (peninsula time).

Tina Chiquitina Raid the dragon’s dungeon

Smash skeletons, defeat dragons and battle against giant golems in Tina Chiquitina assault the dragon dungeon: a unique adventure, in this adventure inspired by the original DLC of 2013 with which began this independent campaign loaded with fantasy, fun and tons of magical loot .

The queen has been captured and her kingdom is in danger, only you and your friends have a chance to restore peace to these strange and enchanted lands. Fight your way through treacherous forests, eerie crypts and fearsome fortresses, but beware: your adventure could change in an instant according to Tina’s chaotic designs.

Choose your character from a cast of six unique Vault Hunters, each with their own abilities and powerful character builds, and dive into chaotic fantasy battles solo or co-op.

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