Tinder is now a little more TikTok so you can link by themes

What is the Explore section of Tinder?

With the idea of ​​offering what all social networks offer, in Tinder a section has been removed from the sleeve in which users can upload fast and striking videos always embedded in a theme in question. Thus, users will be able to spend more time on the social network browsing through videos uploaded by users, focusing on topics that interest them with the sole intention of looking for their better half in contexts in which they feel comfortable or have a special interest.

Is the essence of Tinder lost?


Until now, Tinder stood out for offering the possibility of meeting someone from complete ignorance. Only the photos of their profile and their interests were offered, so to achieve a first conversation a match with which to start the connection was needed. Now the situation changes, and although the match part will remain the same, in Explore we will have a large list of topics in which users can navigate among thousands of vertical videos similar to those of TikTok.

These themes will be updated and recycled over time, and among them we can find some such as Foodie, Gamers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Pets, Activism, Athlete, and many more. You will only have to enter these sections to discover the videos of the profiles that best suit your interests, and thus be able to refine the matches that you are going to distribute in your search.

This obviously makes you lose the ability to surprise users with random matches of completely random people, and if on the one hand it will allow you to further define the users’ search for a partner, in the end you lose that touch of spontaneity … that real life gives you . What do you think?

Quick Chat comes to Spain

After passing through the United States, the Quick Chat function also arrives in Spain, allowing users to start chat rooms with a time limit. The idea is that two people meet in a chat room and have a time limit to talk, so that in the end they decide at the last moment to match or end the sporadic chat instantly when the counter reaches zero.

The most interesting thing is that this function will only be available from 6:00 p.m. to midnight, so limited-time chats will have only one time slot in which users can use them. Will chatting at 6pm catch up like in the good old days of 56K modems with hourly rates? If everything is already invented …

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