Tinder makes it easier for you with its new mode for summer festivals

Little by little, it seems that everything is returning to normal. After a pause that has become eternal, this summer the music festivals will return with practically no restrictions. Tinder knows very well that many festivalgoers and music lovers tend to contact via internet in forums and other platforms to create Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram groups and thus get to know each other a little before the event. And so he was born new festival mode of the llama app.

Tinder enhances its ‘in real life’ with its Festival Mode

One in three singles on Tinder plan to go to a club this summer. Music festival or to a concert. On the other hand, 75% of singles between the ages of 18 and 39 believe that getting to know a little bit of other people online before meeting in person can take some of the pressure off and make a better impression.

Until now, it was not uncommon to see people who created groups on social networks to get to know each other before going to a large festival, that is, those events that last several days and in which a lot of young people coexist in a camping while it lasts. the festival. Tinder has seen his opportunity there, and has wanted to focus his application to fulfill that function natively. To do this, they have partnered with the live entertainment company live action and with various event producers (AEG Presents and Superstruct Entertainment) to enhance their ‘in real life’ tools, which have been out of action due to the pandemic. This is how he was born festival mode, a native functionality of Tinder in which we will be able to mark in the app the music festivals that we are going to attend this summer. In response, Tinder will put us in contact in advance with some of the most similar assistants to our tastes.

With this, everything is advantages. They will have fulfilled their mission and you will arrive at the festival already having a series of friends and possible crushesso you won’t be able to feel alone.

How does Tinder Festival Mode work?


Festival Mode appears in the space ‘To explore‘ of the application. From there, each user can select the festivals they are going to attend this summer. All of this information can be entered one month before each show is held.

At the moment, it will only be applied in some specific festivals. However, it is possible that it will reach many more events if it ends up curdling this new function.

What events will it be available for?

In our country, the date chosen for this new Festival Mode is the Sonar Barcelonawhich is celebrated between June 16 and 18.

If you are more of traveling around Europe from festival to festival, you should know that they have also chosen festivals like the parookaville in Germany, the festival of sziget in Hungary and the lollapalooza from Paris and Berlin.

On the other hand, the United States will be the country where we can attend more events with Festival Mode. There will be 7, among which the EDC Las Vegasthe EDC Orlandothe HardSummer and the bonnaroo.

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