Tiny11 is a reduced version of Windows 11 aimed at modest computers

Windows 11 has a reputation for being demanding in terms of hardware resources (although this, in the opinion of some, is something that many versions of the system sin of), so to cover those computers that are not especially powerful, it has been published tiny11which is basically a reimplementation of Windows 11 with a lot of things stripped away to make the operating system lighter.

Delving into the details, Tiny11 is a Windows 11 22H2 reduced to the most essential elements to work. According to those responsible, it only needs 8GB of disk space compared to the 20GB that the original system asks for, it is capable of running on as little as 2GB of RAM and does not require TPM or Secure Bootso it is possible to upgrade from Windows 10 to Tiny11.

Tiny11, as we have already said, supplies only the necessary components, which include accessibility tools, Windows Terminal, Microsoft Store, calculator, Notepad, and Paint. By not pre-installing Microsoft Edge, it leaves the door open for the user to use the web browser of their choice. This is in addition to the fact that it works with offline accounts by default, which can be an incentive for users looking for a little more privacy.

From what we see, Tiny11 is apparently Windows 11 as many users would like to have it, since it significantly reduces resource consumption, provides a cleaner system at the application level and at least mitigates some of the most contentious aspects. Of course, the activation of the system through the official Microsoft channel is still there, so the project behind Tiny11 covers its back, or at least it claims to, in the face of accusations of hacking.

Those who are interested in Tiny11 can obtain it from the Internet Archive via direct download or torrent. Despite its apparent appeal, it is important to note that this is a product without official Microsoft endorsement and a derivative of a proprietary system that cannot be freely audited because its source code is not available. Negative consequences of using Tiny11 are entirely the responsibility of the user..

Due to the doubts that Tiny11 generates, as an alternative you can use a Linux distribution designed to work on less powerful computers. These systems are not a guarantee because Linux hardware support is not as good as Windows, but at least they are officially supported products by the real developers and can be freely audited.

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