Tips before buying a refurbished iPhone

Buying a refurbished iPhone can generate many doubts because we do not really know the state in which it is located, regardless of whether it offers us a warranty period or a return of the product. Therefore, in this post, we are going to indicate some advices to take into account the time of purchase a refurbished Apple product.

Avoid a bad buy

There are several aspects that you have to take into account when buying a second-hand device. First of all, you have to choose the establishment well Where do you plan to make the disbursement? For example, platforms such as Back Market, Amazon or from Apple itself, where you can buy a second-hand phone with a certified guarantee and where they offer you various alternatives price depending on the condition and specifications of the product.

Before choosing which device you like the most or that you are most interested in acquiring, you have to know the original product valuethat is, the starting price that Apple has for the iPhone, iPad or Mac. If they have already removed it from the Apple Store, you can look at Reseller where there may be a residual stock, even so, you can look for the base price before its removal from the App Store.

Check the features and specifications of the equipment

Once you have determined the teams that interest you, you have to look at the description of the product, images, review the battery status. You have to ask these questions both to the seller in person and to the suggestion box or chat that companies such as Back Market or Amazon have. In this way, you make sure that the iPhone does not have any damage and avoid scams.

iphone 13 case

You can also ask if the device has suffered any repair or replacement of components at the time of acquisition by the establishment and if so, if it has repair bill to find out if it has been through official Apple support or by someone else. One of the most repaired components is the battery and screen, therefore, you have to make sure that the battery is above at least 80%, since if it is not, you are facing a degraded battery. You have the same situation with the screen, where you have to check if there are any dead pixels or if there is a blow to Face ID, one of the most important components of the iPhone.

Before buying the device

Before you start using the device, you have to verify that the device is factory restoredto avoid the presence of iCloud accounts or files of the previous user.

You also don’t know how many months the device has been offTherefore, it is recommended to review all the operating procedures of the unit, such as browsing Safari, downloading third-party applications, battery life, connecting peripherals, etc. In this way, you verify that the device works correctly and avoid encountering a serious problem for not having checked it correctly.

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Remember that all products purchased officially reconditioned have a warranty period, so, in the event that you have a problem with the device, you can take it to be repaired or replaced with another device with similar characteristics.

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