Tips for setting up your display and relaxing your eyes while working

More and more jobs depend on a computer. And it is true that spend many hours sitting in front from him, you can end up getting very tired. Not to mention the long-term aftermath. Therefore, whether at home because we telework, or in an office or where our workplace is located, it is necessary to configure the computer screen correctly so that the day becomes more bearable. And not only that, but, in the long term, we do not have sequels.

Most users get to work with the computer as it is, without changing any settings or taking any care. That is, with the brightness of the monitor at maximum, with normally white backgrounds, and, depending on the time of year, even in the dark in the room.

This is all wrong. And then we are going to give you some tips to be able to spend more hours in front of the PC screen without problems.

Adjust screen brightness

It is true that when we go to play, we do not care to burn our retinas with the maximum brightness. This also helps us to better appreciate colors and contrasts. However, if we are going to work, we must still change this configuration so that the view does not get so tired.

A 30% brightness setting It is more than acceptable so that, on the one hand, we can read the screen well, while, on the other hand, we avoid getting tired by being many hours ahead. Laptops usually have a setting to change the brightness with a keyboard shortcut. On a desktop PC, we can adjust the brightness from the screen itself, or use a program like the excellent Twinkle Tray, which allows us to raise and lower the brightness with the keyboard shortcut we want.

Twinkle Tray Windows

Use Windows night light

Myth or not, the theme of blue light is always the order of the day. According to some experts, this blue light has a higher frequency than the rest of the colors, and, therefore, penetrates further into the retina to the macula of the eye. This light is also said to influence sleep cycles. Other experts deny this and attribute it only to marketing to sell apps or glasses with filters.

Whether it’s true or not, Windows has a mode called «Night light»That allows us to reduce the blue light on the screen from dusk to dawn. We can activate it from the Control center of the operating system. Or turn to one of the many programs (like the well-known f-lux) to do the same.


Bet on “dark modes”

If you spend a lot of time in front of a white background, with black letters, surely in the end our eyes will get tired. For this reason, in recent years, dark themes or modes Dark themes in operating systems and applications have gained great prominence. These change the background color from white to black, and the letters from black to a light color, so you can work and write better. Even Google has its own dark mode today.

Google Dark Mode

And if the web, or tool, that we are going to use does not support it, we can always force it using one of the many Chrome extensions to enable a dark mode.

This, in the end, is a matter of customs. There are those who work best on a white background, and others who do it on a black background. It is best to try both options, and stick with the one that is most comfortable for us.

Other recommendations

In addition to all the above, there are also other little tricks with which we can relax our eyes when we spend a lot of time in front of the PC. For example, some blue filter glasses they can help us read the screen better (or at least appear smarter if it was just marketing). Having a well-lit room, with natural light (or artificial, if it is not possible), is also another essential aspect.

And, very importantly, relax your eyes every so often while working in front of the screen, looking for several seconds at a point in the distance so that the eye does not get used to focusing only at the distance from the screen.

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