Tips to improve YouTube video playback on Chrome

There is no doubt that this online service is one of the main references in this sector worldwide. In fact, to the enormous amount of content that it already has, new ones are being added minute by minute. We could say that this is a streaming platform that we use practically every day thanks to our PC, console, mobile, etc. It is precisely for all this reason that improving and optimizing the reproduction of these videos is essential in many cases.

This is an internet portal that is used for both professional and leisure-related purposes, all depending on the type of content we are looking for. In addition, as a general rule to access all this we use the usual ones in internet browsers that most of us have installed on our computers. Along these same lines, we want to focus on software of this type par excellence, or at least the most widely used globally, which is none other than Google Chrome.

To give you an idea, we are going to show you some steps to take that will help you improve the experience when playing YouTube videos.

Adjust the resolution in playback

Something that some of you do not know is that the videos that we consume in this portal can be shown in a multitude of different resolutions. The higher these are, the more bandwidth that content and resources consume from the computer. Therefore, if the experience we have when playing by default is not adequate, either because it cuts out or because it takes a long time to load, we can modify this parameter.


To do this, we only have to click on the button in the shape of a Cogwheel that is located at the bottom of the player. Among other things, here we can see the resolutions supported by that video and choose a lower one in case we have these problems.

Use YouTube extensions for more features

One of the characteristics why Chrome It is so attractive to millions of users, it is the large number of extensions and add-ons that it supports. These software elements add new functions to the browser itself, as well as improve the interface or security. At this point, it is worth mentioning that we can find some solutions of this type especially suitable for the video portal that we are commenting on.

youtube extension

In this way we will have at our disposal new playback control functionalities of these specific contents and thus improve the experience.

Create a free account and manage your favorites

This streaming site allows us to access a good part of its contents completely free of charge, but to improve the experience here it is advisable to create an account. We use the general account that we use in the rest of the Google services, and if we do not create a new one through an email also at no cost. This will allow us to create our own favorites list, start following the youtubers we want, have greater control over the content reproduced, etc.

In addition, the website itself will offer us videos related to those we have seen in the past, as well as access a history of reproductions.

Use YouTube player keyboard shortcuts

How could it be otherwise, here we find an integrated player that allows us to see these videos that we are talking about. It includes a series of common controls in order to pause, stop, start, or fast forward playback per se. But it is also interesting to know that the player itself has a series of keyboard shortcuts that will allow us to handle it in a much more fluid way.

For example, with the arrow keys we can move forward or backward, or raise or lower the volume. In the same way, the F key allows us to exit and enter full screen mode, Hello, comma and the period allows us to reproduce frame by frame.

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