“Tiramisu” is revealed in several leaks

Android 12 is now at the center of uses, but Google teams are already working on the next version.

While Android 12 is expanding on compatible devices, now the teams behind the little green robot are already working on the next update of the OS. The direct competitor of iOS, which equips the vast majority of smartphones on the planet, is preparing its new update, and spoiler, it will have an aftertaste of tiramisu.

Indeed, the famous Italian dessert would be the code name of the update which is being developed on the side of the teams of the green robot. According to the first screenshots that have leaked on the web, we can already have a glimpse of the new features expected from Android. According to the first information at our disposal, the new update could be equipped with a whole new feature called “Palingual”.

New features

The latter should allow multilingual users to give a specific language of use to each application. A small option that may seem unimportant, but which is also a demonstration of the power of Android’s customization capabilities, which we were already praising in our Android vs iOS comparison.

Other information to our knowledge for the moment, the Google teams working on the update could offer a new feature called “TARE”. The latter, acronym of The Android Resource Economy, would allocate a certain amount of energy, of sorts of credits, to each application in order to preserve the battery.

No in-depth changes expected

Regarding the display, if the changes should not be very numerous, they will still be visible. According to all kinds of rumors surrounding this future update, Android would be on the verge of offering an implementation on a single hour line, something already possible under Android 12. The specificity of Android 13 would therefore be of keep this type of display even when the user receives notifications.

For the moment the rumors focus on these novelties, while speaking here and there of other more “exotic” options. While the update is still under consideration by Google, should the Tiramisu version be released within the next year, but perhaps without the new features mentioned above.

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