Tired of NFTs? This plugin makes them disappear from Twitter

Dorsey is gone, but Twitter’s roadmap has run its course. Last week, we finally started to see the first hexagonal profiles in the social network, which means that the user has used a NFT for his profile picture instead of just any photo. this new feature Twitter is still in beta, but the ‘cryptobros’ and supporters of cryptocurrencies have not been slow to make use of it – possibly to minimize the tremendous drop that the crypto market has had these days. On the other hand, the haters of the cryptos and the NFTs have also made a move, and have created the first automatic “friends of NFTs” blocker.

Blocked at first sight

Now you can tell all your followers on the 280-character social network that you have an NFT. Now, we already know that you did it before at all hours. The difference is that, since the last twitter update, you can say it without having to write a single tweet. you just have to link your cryptocurrency wallet to the social network and select the NFT that you like the most from your collection. And from then on, your profile will go from being a circle to a hexagon. Users who click on your profile will be able to see all the data associated with the NFT that you have uploaded (creation date, owner history, material author…). The feature is gradually reaching users.

But nevertheless, for other users, NFTs are a threatAnd you have to stop them somehow. Some of these people already know that, through the word, they will achieve little, so a tool has emerged that promises to condemn all users with a hexagonal profile to digital ostracism. It’s called NFTBlocker, and it’s an add-on for Google Chrome and Firefox that will automatically block any user who comes across our Twitter and uses NFTs.

Its creator is mcclure, and he has uploaded the code to his GitHub profile. It’s about a fork from a previous similar project. You can compile the code yourself and import the package into your browser. The dev has indicated that will soon be in the Chrome Web Store and in the repository of Mozilla Add-ons. According to the programmer, has created this software for three reasons:

  1. For him energy impact that require the networks proof of workwhich, on occasion, consume oil and coal for their operation.
  2. Because the market for NFTs is full of scammers and thieves of artistic content.
  3. Because those who promote NFTs irritate other usersencouraging the purchase of this type of fraudulent products.

Is mcclure right or has he gotten a little out of hand?

According to the author of the add-on, blocking NFT users on Twitter will ensure you have a cleaner and more enjoyable social network. However, not everything is as dark as the developer paints it. Art thefts exist, but it is a minority practice that the community itself will have to pay for if it wants to survive. And regarding the energy consumption of the proofs of work, it must also be objected that there are NFTs that use much greener networks when using other types of transaction verification systems.

What mcclure is absolutely not wrong about is how annoying the aforementioned ‘cryptobros’ can be. Criticizing NFT technology on Twitter can become a nightmare by the horde of mentions and insults that you can receive in a matter of minutes.

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